Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 | First Look Gameplay

Welcome to Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 the brand new version in the Car Mechanic Simulator series.
Join me as I experience for the first time what this mechanical simulation game has to offer!

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Ben Tucker says:

That was real cool

Mike Tyggr181 says:

Thanks Dagger, great as usual. You do not seem to have the tremendous lag, and game looks beautiful on your screen. Even people with super rigs were having optimize problems. What gives? Thanks again

Karen Johnson says:

You are not timed

JASONMC30 says:

when you tryed to do the oil change you where supposed to press use equipment you hoverd over it 🙂

Justin Van Mierlo says:

Daggerwin if you want to use the oil drain pan you have to click on it and then press use tool.

Dave Pay says:

Great. Video

JakeLogan says:

Hi Daggerwin it seems you have to click on the oil pan to use it to drain the oil!! would like to see more thanks

gtr king says:

To change the oil u need to click on the oil thing not the plug but the other thing and click use tool

Jose Murillo says:


luc1drenegade says:

Dagger replacing unneeded parts? Looks like he’s a scammer mechanic. 🙂

Itzz Krempel says:

Dagger you need to click the oil drain to empty it out

Timsalt3100 says:

You have to use oil drain machine that has a use option when you press it automatically drains the oil and you get a nice oil anmiation

michael woodward says:

on the oil collector it said use item

Ken Cristian Kõivastik says:

Dagget you didn’t put the oil drain under the oil plug you had click on the oil drain and find the use button it’s under the “move equipment” button

Roger Edwards says:

The oil pan hose has to be going into the drain in the floor of the garage

Hyeesh M says:

My workshop had 2 cars in it and a different shape

Daniel Hughes says:

When you clicked on the oil drain the second time you were on use equipment that’s how to drain the oil

Marizane Hartslief says:

My summer car!!!

Simon Williams says:

and to change the oil you click on the oil drain implement

dr smorn says:

with the dlc they are just wanting more money

Syhedghog says:

it said hold left click to take off part

Jeff Fricke says:

In ’18 you don’t remove the oil pan drain plug to drain the oil. You click on the collection can and use that to drain the oil after it’s under the car.

Simon Williams says:

you are over thinking the game daggerwin ,there was no need to take the brakes off the second car ,remember time is money .

MrPyroBomb says:

Cms2018 sucks for now because of all the bugs etc

Naki Boy Out There Doing It says:

Build a engine

Hunter Gierach says:

Play More

Harley Quinn says:

To drain the oil u need to move the oil catch under the car like u diid and then click on it again and tell it to drain the oil.

nash 123415 says:

can u do a giveaway for this please

the gamer and vloger says:

I got this game and it is super fucking laggy

Gaelen Walsh says:

Could you please do a full series on this

Blacksheepmodding says:

Lol love the game

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