Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 Gameplay Playthrough Part 1 – Simple Suspension Work (PC)

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GamerStreak says:

skidrow reloaded linked me to this page . hehe.. wish i could have the money to buy all games..

General Hatter Rules says:

I’m really sad forgot about this channel because I didn’t have wifi but now I do so I’m back

ScareDe2 says:

Hi, is this game really deep? like after playing it for 50-100 hours I will have learn enough and gain knowledge to repair real cars?

Trifler500 says:

Most businesses still have land lines because they’re on the phone all day.

Matsimus Gaming says:

Is that really you GPU Setup! :-O dayum!

Christian Angelo Nilsén says:

I know nothing bout cars, don’t even have a licensen but this looks so fun! 🙂

ThatLonePerson Lone says:

Hey guys, I am working on a complete guide of Car Mechanic Simulator 15! If anyone is interested, please check it out! Oh and I need suggestions of what you guys want to learn about the game.

Lucas Wilton says:

can I have her so I can I have car mechanic 2015 to please please please please please please please

Agraiangem says:

can you play this on a shitty laptop

Azaryah Green says:

I’m thinking about getting this. Nice.

Hug attack says:

Who has land lines? Businesses? lol

Nicholas Brown says:

Dude I literally died laughing at the oil pan part.

Gaius Concord says:

I can’t tear my car apart to learn it when I need to drive it tomorrow, but something like this would be rad to use as a learning tool with something like the HTC vive.

William Neigum says:

those are some clean engine bays

BC 10 says:

can you create your own car in this game?

Maria ER says:

I am very disappointed with the sound. What made me addicted to the first game were the soft sounds, they are much harsher in this one.

dacel88 says:

8:00 So many things you need to dissassemble before you can get that drive axle off D= Like the suspension etc so you can pull the wheel hub out so you can free the axles…

Connor Fielding says:


Charb thabowz says:




doomblackdragon says:

Seems you found a hidden mini game. Dancing with oil pan 2015. :p

Chance Blevins says:

well rumming in a mechanic shop would be faster but, watch out for oil spills lol

ItZ JaY says:

subscribe to my channel for awesome minecraft videos

Tommy Wertz says:

So for those who have played this, would this be a good game to learn the basics of car repair?

Lucas Wilton says:

YouTube can I have it to

DarkSim905 says:

Oh wow I guess I should’ve played through a little more. I didn’t know there was an examine mode guess their old versions needed work. Awesome!

edit: hey wait, can you not run? what kind of shop is this?!

i7midanTV says:

shit this game is cool

Naomi says:

Will the car simulate whatever’s wrong with it while you drive it, or does the test just go normally every time, and you have to repair it after?

Jake Stockton says:

IRL, you’d have to unbolt the bottom of the shock absorbers from the spindles before you could remove the CV joints. Oh, and you would only need to remove the right tire and CV joint to get to the front drive shaft… or as the rest of the world calls it: intermediate shaft or half shaft.

Krusko Krusko says:

ma ode tria prominit bendiks….meni sve po zvuku se cini da je bendiks posa…..znam ja po sebi kad meni nije tia bendiks ubacit zupčanike u alnaser pa onda u motor….digni ga na blokove zavuci se ispod i samo lagano udri koji put po bendiksu jer on se zna koji put zalipit od vrucine pa onda muku muci da ubaci, najcesce se more pripoznat po specificnom zvuku bzzzz zz z

Tim Chuma says:

Needs a PC speaker ditty like Street Rod

Chicken Chauffeur says:

lol, i put the used parts on the next car that has replacement parts at 100% and then sell the parts full, or keep the parts for a future vehicle to make/save the MOST money LOL what a dirty mechanic i was!

The Poor Teenage Gearhead says:

Anyone figure out what the Lambda Probe does yet?

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