Cannon Bowling for Shieldmen! – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay & TABS Funny Moments

Welcome to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator! Totally Accurate Battle Simulator isn’t really a Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, but more of a wacky battle simulation game featuring fun weapons and strange physics!
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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay Overview:

A physics based medieval battle simulator which lets you pit wacky waving armies against each other. You take the role of a Battle Commander as you place armies on the battle field. Watch as your minions destroy, or are destroyed by the red enemies!

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Jill Zoccolillo says:

Chicken man man vs chicken man man

Bulls Eye says:

the flash(chariot) v.s green arrow(poachers and archers)

Reginald Rugg says:


Koblox ______ says:

pin me

Logan Morey says:

1 of every guy and girl v 1 of every guy and girl

FamilyOHare says:

AMEER SHAH Sayed says:

10 footman vs 10 ballista

Bubba 2good4u says:

do one cannon vs one shield guy and other one vs ones

Eli Benoit says:

lol do hollo frend

ChaSia Moorehead says:

Old times

Jiffyblue 23 says:

100 peasants vs. 5cannon

Brian Harris says:

i tried to download Totally Accurate Battle Simulator on my computer but it didn’t work.

Derek Marcus says:

I Would like 20 barbareyens
10 biliata
200 pazents

Dominic Cadena says:

who’s watching in 2017

ID-10-T Error says:

do 5 shill vs chicken man man

Englandman Minecraft says:


bladen Hopkins says:

9:16 what the heck?! XD

Cole Raetzel says:

He said blue victory at the last battle

Razer says:

I think this would be a good idea for a series for Tabs

Beat my army…

2 barrel rollers
10 shield men
5 box cannons
4 beamers
One chicken man man

You have 2500 cash

Good luck…

Jack McAvoy says:

Decimated is one tenth destroyed

Cole Raetzel says:

Update your game blitz what is it called again

Bonnie And William says:

acualy he hit him but da shield didint die bythe head hit

Aiden Digennaro says:

Red victory not blue blisters she ales win Red guys won

Vinny Woods says:

do a cannon vs cannon

Alpha Kips says:

last one was red victory
not blue

FerrarioYT says:

4:49. How could this happen to me

P Wattay says:

that horse I can’t even

Gary Feathers says:

How do you get it

T H A N A T O S says:

1:20 when he froze after saying “farmers flanking around-…” that KILLED me bruuuh! #Latesquad

Petey Velazquez says:

Team Fortress 2 plz

Mari Abad-Velasquez says:

Do more

TAYLOR IS AMAZING briiian says:

well this is throwback

jackedd0930 2001 says:


pielord YT says:


Buttercat Fisheye says:

100 zombies vs 5 former 5 people 10 architecture 1 chicken man 50 footmen

Ayshath Zidhna says:

subscribed and clicked the bell

Poop says:

I’m watching in 2017 and this is how I got in to blitz

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