Canadian Simulator – Kona Gameplay

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Ir0n Gaming says:

Around 7:00 when he turned around and saw the wall that he hit. That cracked me up !

Negan says:

They released the beta on this game and its better and different. try it now

Crash hard F1 says:

I live in vancouver

TwinkieDuck says:

Canadian stereotypes are the best… I live in Canada and, honestly, its not really as bad as people think. I mean, we may have more snow than other countries, but the past 2 winters, where I live, we have had barely any snow… COME TO CANADA, WE HAVE BACON…

Plutonium Ninja says:

speaking of fire watch it was in Colorado and I live in Colorado

Jessie Robbins says:

mre means meals ready to eat


This game reminds of The Stanley parable

Joey Leavitt says:

nice truck

WlSEGUY says:

I just subbed. This shit is hilarious!

Unstoppable Mercy says:

How to be Canadian 101

Jon Izzy says:

Omg as soon as you said “MRE REVIEWER” i lost my shit hahahahahahahah

Projetix Gaming says:

Did anyone else notice the truck moved to the second as pump at 14:03?

Braydon Malone says:

I live in Canada

AUDRiUX! says:

i was gone from your channel for so long. i forgot how hilarious it is xDDD

John Pun says:

what is this game about?

Blue Justice says:

Kys im now an angry Canadian

Hardy-_-Brother says:

They made a mistake in Quebec its not miles its killometers

Papa lo says:

Put effort in your vids

passengersplace says:

That French sign on the gas station you went inside for a smoke said “Extinguish your cigarette, please”.

John Pun says:

what is this game about?

mihel el says:


Martial Sunwalk says:

“oh it’s raining, I mean snowing, *off camera* oh its Raining!” aha Canada

snowball snow says:

if yr living by generator TURN STUFF OFF THAT’S NOT NEEDED

optimus prime Riley says:

im Canadian and I approve this game

Demonte Randle says:

When u smoked the pack of new ports I was laughing my ass off

DatabaseOfficial says:


Lynx Aviation says:

Awesome video

salt 1232 says:

That red chevle elcomino tho

Tyler Chinski says:

more Spears

Littlebluedog & MrMountainDew69 says:

why the hell don’t you put your videos in parts

SuperTapsu says:

Reminds me of Finland. A LITTLE BIT

Hayden Patterson says:

I love kona. Please do more

Daniel Fox says:

+SpeirsTheAmazingHD you make me laugh like every 5 seconds man I love your videos especially at 12:58 when you tried to read that brochure or whatever it is!!!

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