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Welcome back to House Flipper! House Flipper is a unique chance to become a one-man renovation crew. Buy, repair and remodel devastated houses. Give them a second life and sell them at a profit!

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What you’ve got at your disposal is a set of tools and parts.
Use them to hammer, drill, nail and screw things together, and do whatever is necessary
to fit, fix or clean up stuff.

Experiment with interior designs and decorating styles you like.
Decorate and furnish interiors with hundreds of unique items that you’re free
to choose from. Express yourself!

Do you love interior design and want to fill up empty rooms using your favorite style?
You can buy an empty apartment and furnish it.
Do you prefer things only engineers would understand?
You can focus on repair and installations.
Are you an expert on the “small move, big change” approach?
You can buy a decent house and make it perfect by adding some style and fixing stuff.

The ultimate goal of the house flipping business is profit. Are you a risk taker?
Do you like to invest? Estimate profit and find the best risk/reward ratio for you.

The house flipping business is very challenging. Improve and hone your skills.
Get better tools. Deploy new mechanisms and earn cash so you can to increase
investment and speed up progress. Have fun!

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Want to play House Flipper?

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Ilias Vougesis says:


J.D. Maestro MC says:

If use the selling tool and sell everything you get a lot of money

Magnus Brunton says:


Christoffer Leisted says:

Blitz Use your mini map

Etterra says:

It would be better if they made picking up and tossing trash more involved, and if you had to renovate the buildings – like tearing out moldy drywall, replacing rotted out roofs. You know, all the work you have to do to actually fix up a house.

Master Zero says:

This is nice game tho

ORK Ivey says:

Hi more raft plz

Roan Roco says:


StAron Stanius says:

england has these plugs

Paula Anderson says:


SarahJane says:

You’re buddy Grey makes this game so fun to watch. I think you too can pull off a series on this. ha haa
You can sell the doors to get them out of your way. xD

Chuckle Gamer19 says:

Forts and more hour flipper PLEASE

gamerboy 6009 says:

in the raft the shark was getting you i see the shark

TheClickster Yepez says:

keep it up

Digoma Manecas says:

Do more videos of this game

XxMilk_Da_CowxX says:

Will this get into a series? (Cuz i hope so)

alex hn says:

More raft you lovely man

Isaiah Werdmuller says:

More more more more

Kiki Apostolos says:

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Carlos Farfan says:

Do Part 2

etu nimi says:

Its laggy

griffin lane says:

You are my fave rote youtuber

Cosmic Music says:

Honey Bunches of sugar

JuicyHotz Gaming says:

Awesome 🙂

shadow in the dark says:


Андрей Пронькин says:

Not a russian plugs. We have something like 2 circles.

Mohidohi 123 says:

Hey guys let’s sing!

Timothy Khan says:

You can buy a new house

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