Butt Exploring! Colonoscopy Surgery Simulation Gameplay [WARNING GROSS]

Dr Drae back this time were goin where the sun doesn’t shine… Up the butt… with a camera… and a pair of gripper things… I need help.

More gross ass surgery games: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEngsjAeWQXjrIa-pckxQkAvS0pd96ovj

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Smucar Car says:

hello it’s me im in a while back and forth between the two of the most important thing is that the company. I have a great future there will be great. I have a great future there will be great
thing is that the company. I

Damien Mundt says:

also that part in the very back that gets all the nutrients from the fecies

death the reaper says:

big butts in the k9live you other brothers cant denie

Smucar Car says:

that was random

Shermaine Quek says:


Nub Rubbish says:


Father Is hungry says:

guess im not having anal sex

late night gaming says:


Renata Piotrowski says:

good idea

Camron Rauls says:

what the shit bejesus was that thing at the end it looked like carpet

Camron Rauls says:

ass hole time

Lilly Chesher says:

that is gross

Franken Kid Vids says:

are you canadian

Jamie Krouse says:

the amount of times the word “lubricate” was used was just enough to be uncomfortable

Kace Prince says:

I don’t even know why you do these games

Josh King says:

That was gross

Noah Shakeshaft says:

I had to have that when I was ten

Alven Gao says:

3:00 “Carefully insert the scope into the patients ass”

Ashley Weber says:

Talk about Tunnel vision.

Damien Mundt says:

our 12 year old side is coming back

Renata Piotrowski says:

from yomama

Who Cares Im Dead says:

all aboard the anus train CHOO! CHOO!

Lucky Terrarian says:

“Carefully insert the scope into the patients’ anus,… ”
— Dr Jeff, 2015

The silent gamer says:


Kiana Carlisle says:

when I grow up I might become a doctor

Puzolics says:

im being a soldier, and eating while watching this #WinterSoldierBaybe

saif osama says:


Jonathan Åkesson says:

and thats how your doctor can butt-fuck you… legaly

_Charlie8 88Nolan_ says:

This is the sort off shit I wank to!

Michael Reither says:

God this is funny! All the people terrified to have this done! I had it done, and it saved my life! My entire colon was full of cancer. I believe I would have died 16 years ago without this find and the life changing surgery. I now have what is called a ileostomy. I have no large intestine now. It’s a bitch to live with, but i’m still alive (57). The worst part of getting a colonoscopy is the 24 hrs of no food. The actual procedure is nothing because the drugs are great! It’s like getting Drunk, so you don’t really feel it! Most people only have to do it every 5 years. It is worth it, because it could save your life! So many people have died because they are scared to do this, it’s too bad! Nothing to it!

ragequit says:

Out of all of them this one I can’t handle

Ollie Biddle says:

Dr. Drae?

Lauri Karhu says:

this game is seriously messed up

Beina B says:


wolfy boy says:

anal doesn’t seem THAT hot, anymore, huh? XD lol

death the reaper says:

had to do that

Jagwrr says:

I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy which means I get the tube up the butt and and down the throat. But I’m asleep.

Raymond Hufford says:

I laughed at this video way more than I should have

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