Bus Simulator 16 Gameplay – Bus Driving is HARD! (Bus Simulator 2016)

Welcome to Bus Simulator 2016! This is a Bus simulation game where you take over a bus company and do your best not to kill innocent pedestrians all while trying to make as much money as possible. In all honesty this seems like an actual good simulation game, impressive!

Bus Simulator 16 on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/324310/

Win the daily battle with the clock—become a bus driver! In Bus Simulator, you will take the controls of one of 6 true-to-life city buses, licensed by companies such as MAN, and drive your passengers through 5 realistic districts of a city.

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Intro: Jamie Berry – Out of My Mind


Vijay Haha says:

is it an android games

SLOdomziGAMER says:

did he just said HEY FUCKERS??


Hi.. 😉

Euro Trucker says:

lol loved when the door got stuck and you said you playing with the fucking door you bastard it was you wasn’t it lmfao

Jj Saavedra says:

Your drunk

PotionCraft says:

Ha ha ha drugs deal?

Pete Moss says:

The tutorial voice kind of sounds like the dog named Doug from the movie UP…He’s wearing the CONE OF SHAME! LOL

Bradford Zombeh says:

this is one of my favorite games, i got to play it for free once with a computer i had and i just.. never got to play it ever again. one day… we shall reunite.

Thomas Tacos says:

What an intro lol

Pellegrini Productions says:

Your intro was all I needed to know I want to subscribe!

Essentials Videos says:

Hahaha you are my nigga

Patrich gößner says:

ist der für pc

An2nio Productions says:

What you said on 4:30 made me laugh XD.

SgtKOnyx says:

This actually looks really good

TypicalGamer Lover says:

or just f###ers


Do a seiries

Peter Manio says:


Minalover100 says:

I like the old guy that sold you the company. So annoying he was funny.

Sparkle Faggot says:

You officially turned your bus into the mystery machine

evan world says:

soofunny i laughed soo hard 0:17

Setari M says:

He said Hey fuckers… I fuckin love it lmao

Gabe da dachsund says:

did any one notice that at 10:24 the man is still in the bus in the garage, stalker lol

Simon Haley says:

James May says otherwise

Jereborne Leuterio says:

Its Funny Hahahaha

Trippie says:

lol hey fuckers

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