BUM SIMULATOR – Official Gameplay Trailer (Day-to-Day Survival Game 2018)

Bum Simulator – Official Gameplay Trailer (Day-to-Day survival Game 2018)

• Release Date: October 05, 2018
• Platform: PC

STEAM: https://store.steampowered.com/app/855740/Bum_Simulator/

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Hi how are ya says:

This is a game I want to see at E3

phoenix rising channel says:

я бычек подниму горький дым затяну люк открою и полезу домой

Sir ravix of fourhorn says:

Bro wut

Mark 13 says:

Buahaha ja pierdole polacy 😀

Yaboi Sugarnips says:

I’m getting it

Parsa Yoosefi says:

The game we never knew we wanted

kurisu7885 says:

A game with magic beer and attack pigeons……

NEX TM says:


Mariano Sales says:


ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ says:

Mhh I thought I will try it in real life, tired of doing my job but now I don’t have to because of this sim, uhhh living the dream!

Hater Numero 1 de pc y de sus pecerdos says:

Vaya puta mierda.Los juegos indis son basura todos

tiago sparda says:

Omg is a dream :v

JVV 999 says:

Khe verga :v

DarkWolf says:

*G O T Y*

VeniVidiVici says:


Just AGamer says:

Please tell me this is for PS4

pedmFX says:

shit, this game might actually be cool, lol

Rend Blackhand says:

Lol this best survival game of the year

blue name says:

Half life 3 demo

coon gaming says:

Is it going to be on Xbox

simotherfucking parke says:

time to upgrade my pc i thinks

The Almighty Spank! says:

Omg Bowz

Horu Gamer says:

Jajaja what lol..

Bull1t says:

Hahahahahahahaha i hope for a battle royal Mode 😀

Superb Trilogy says:

Yes, I can now play reality

GameFreak212 says:

is the what happens after my summer car

Gee Whiz says:

Lol – poor people are disgusting freaks – what a clever joke.

Cyka Blyat xd says:

“Survival game” lol

John Brito says:

Bum simulator? Fucken stupid

kataklysm92 says:

I really want this

ضياء ضياء says:

Best game ever

steve m says:

Making light of being homeless, lovely lol.

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