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Welcome back to Species Artifical Life, Real Evolution! Today we’re out with a new world trying to build some of the craziest species possible. This time we use the Nursery to try and selectively breed species and build our own, that doesn’t go as planned. I also let the game run for 18 hours to see what happens. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Species ALRE, thanks for watching and liking.

About Species ALRE:

Species: Artificial Life Real Evolution is an evolution simulator that allows you to create, destroy, observe and tinker with life on it’s never ending, harsh march of refinement! Simulated from the very first principles of evolutionary science:
Every creature is uniquely defined by its genes.
Child creatures are slightly randomly modified versions of their parent(s).
Natural Selection
The environment affects every creature in their struggle to survive.

Observe or Guide
Whether you just want to observe, watch and study as the tree of life constructs itself from a single species, or you want to be an active influence on the development of the species in the game, the choice is up to you! Take a hands-on approach by using the nursery, an isolated area where you can tinker with the gene pool to your heart’s content. Use rovers to decide which creatures get to eat today and which ones starve! Create global catastrophes like an ice-age or a world-spanning flood to weed out the most vulnerable species. Or simply sit back and watch the life-and-death saga unfold!

Tell Your Story
However you treat your evolutionary sandbox, we give you the tools to tell it’s story! View every single evolutionary step in detail using the clade diagram, see where each species are living using the satellite map, get a better picture of how varied your gene pool actually is with the web of life, and view every possible detail on each creature using the creature inspection tools.



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Sexual reproduction results in less speciation, since many mutants can’t breed. That’s why there were so many dead-end species in the clade diagram.

RINA QIU says:

Two creatures were having sex

heavenlykillerxd says:

Quote of the day ‘I need more to have sex’

Dr. Soup says:

I don’t know if you did this or not, but turn off draw grass; should help frame rate by quit a bit

wraith dino says:

im fairly certain that when you set the fertility sensitivity so low you couldnt grow any trees because since you had it so low your 2 fertility was pretty much 1 meaning they were growing half as well

I Predict Games says:


Hayden Shores says:

40 dislikes from creationists

MUD PIE says:

you should keep the creatures in the water until you have enough food on land to support atleast five times what you expect to produce.

TT TheEmeraldSword says:

the problem is that sexual reproduction means mutants cannot reproduce. Parthenogenic is ideal

Transformers2Fan1 says:

Anaerobic means “without oxygen” – there’s 3 types depending on how they react to oxygen.
We are aerobes. On Earth, really the only anaerobes are like bacteria and stuff, but scientists think they’ve found anaerobic animals. Problem is they’re less than 1mm.

Fahad Sadiq says:

i hate you for this game drae
rip sleep

LOLL.IG says:

the rovers in the nursery are different rovers
and they kill the creatures in the nursery that dont look like the target creature

Lrr_Of_Omikron says:

What has been seen, can’t be unseen. I don’t think I’ll ever sleep right again. Thanks for that one Drea, who needs sleep right?

Cody Shiell says:

but sloths can survive…

Lu P says:

almost looks like an assblaster from tremors

Jean Pappin says:

Thats why he called cum specimen , no wonder … after all he looks like tiny pingas.. 26:32 ah i see that creature will become miley cyrus later on

gwn een kanaalty says:

Love it omg the cum is cool roses are red smurfs are blue i gota like my own commet bet you do to

Evil Ash says:

a ring species can’t interbreed with all it’s closest species (in this example, A to E)

Chocolate Sunday says:

Try battle maybe it will coax them to evolve for better survival against rivals

NANCOK says:

42 Creationists disliked this video

Monsieur De Dry says:

The cum specimen will rule the world.

cheeseburger doorkeeper says:

More please

lalybum says:

What is lagging is probably the callbacks on the scripts with all the creatures running probably a dozen each. They need to find a way to optimize this.

WertyPG Music & Gaming says:

Love this keep going

Chris Altman says:

Try having the predator/prey turned on and begin the map with high tree growth rate and have the same settings for the creatures though. Will that help?

minibug says:

cum is one of the most common words in latin. you can barely go a sentence without seeing it

Michael Harder says:

‘Anaerobic’ indicates that the organism doesn’t need to breathe. A lot of microbes are like that, including yeast, a function we use to create happy juice. I dub your anaerobic worms as: Booze Maggots.

Colonel Mustang says:

The creature you got in the end is really reminiscent of geoduck

Stimpy McStimp says:

Evolution also happens when a new obstacle needs to be overcome. Seeing as your land doesn’t really change too much then there isn’t really a need for change. Some events, like a coldsnap, or oxygen shortage in the water, may let some other variations survive and thrive in between events. A liitle bit like real life evolution essentially!

Beau B says:

You dont need a cap if you dont make it easier

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