BEST CREW Ever vs ENEMY ACE PILOT (Bomber Crew Gameplay)

Let’s Play Bomber Crew: Bomber Crew FTL for WW2 Bomber Planes! Strategic Simulation (Bomber Crew Gameplay part 8)
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About Bomber Crew:
Chocks away! Bomber Crew is a strategic simulation game, where picking the right crew and keeping your bomber in tip top shape is the difference between completing your mission or losing it all!

Prepare your crew for their most dangerous mission yet and go chocks away for a sky-bound expedition in this strategic survival sim, Bomber Crew.

Choose your Crew!
Train and personalise your own Bomber Crew. Procedurally-generated names, skills and back stories means a unique experience for everyone, but be careful, as death is permanent.

Immersive flight simulation!
Carefully manage everything from fuel, ammo, hydraulics and more in your very own physics-based Bomber. Make it yours with a wide array of nose art and liveries, or design your own with the simple to use in-game tool.

Fast paced strategy!
Each mission is a high-risk expedition where danger comes from every angle. Enemy fighters, flak guns, poor weather, low oxygen and an array of other perilous dangers await when the wheels are up.

Be prepared!
Preparation is key for a successful mission. Tag enemy fighters before they reach you, make sure your destination is marked but most importantly, make sure you have the right team for the job. On a WW2 bomber, every role is essential for victory!

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Sarah Woodrum says:


Nature Gabe says:

670th like

J C-P says:


Niklas Klasen says:

Name your Bomber “Comrade Badaboom”!

Also,”red leader standing by is from Star wars. How did you expect anyone to not know that?

R Grizzle says:

Name the ship “for the crew”
In honor of the last crew

Benjamin Mayer says:

star wars

MP 40 says:

“Red leader standing by”
That’s from star wars episode 6
Ha ha ha i beaten you’re game Baron

Kevan Meeks says:

star wars

R Grizzle says:

Could the ship be named honor thy fallen?

KADE WILSon says:

spend more time up grading crew that would help them survive longer in a crash

Zach Waites says:

I have visited La Coupole. There is still damage to the structure from your bombs XD

PTQ VO says:

Put all of the crew with survial vest.

Andrew 12345 says:

Make more bomer crew!

Andre Malhadeiro says:

More Bomber crew pls!!

blind mountain 58 says:

Call the plane baronvonletsfly

NerdArchives says:

Star Wars reference yay! Red Leader! XD

Valocator says:

Call the plane the ‘Mercian messiah

Hunter Podguski says:

Red leader reffers to star wars

Michael Cheung says:

Star Wars!

NoodlesGaming says:

Bomber crew!!!

Tanjerine plays games And stuff says:

The toasty ace

Nate Chodos says:

more bomber crew pls

Daniel The Scotsman says:

Isn’t that from Red Tails, “red leader”

The Star Wars battlefrontians says:

Star Wars a new hope

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