Becoming The Ultimate Arena Gladiator! – GORN Gladiator Simulator VR Gameplay (HTC Vive)

Gorn is a hilarious virtual reality arena brawler where you play the role of a gladiator that has to fight off waves of muscly men that look oddly similar to heavy weapons guy. What makes GORN so amazing is the gore and character physics. GORN is defintiely one of my favourite VR experiences to date and I hope you enjoyed it as well.

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Outro: JAWN – Duck of Doom


alex ter says:


Gregory Mathews says:

‘That guy got fucked”

Cameron Begelman says:

Has no one commented

XxJordan .ExexX says:

they swing long and fast because is a close target

kenly2014 says:

VR Forhonor

Lazyme22 says:

can you make more videos ao this game?

XxJordan .ExexX says:

gorn can swing very long even can swing fast

Connor Taylor says:

finger them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

TheDeliriousZombie says:

I miss his old intro song this one still pretty good

efe ali kıvrım says:

gorn?porn?naked men?very swingy weapons?COİNCİDENCE? İ THİNK NOT.

typical poster2.0 says:

dream is good fightee

Tristan Gregory says:

Stop swearing plz

jacob coyne says:

if you pull a guy into the ground he starts flying everywhere and you dont even have too move in order too win

Jerry Dude says:


STR1K3R says:

drea is using the spear wrong…


6:52…it’s TheLegend27.

AntoniusOfAstora says:

Draegolas Redbow

bigtasty723 says:

please play more of this game


you fat

Brett Hale says:


nenden suhaenah says:


Killteam65 Gaming says:

I have a question, Can you VR with glasses?

Mante Colan says:

He has an energy sword in his room, so does he defend his house with the sword if so then that is pretty amazing

Nyan Gatetoh says:

LMFAO… I’m crying :’)

Cody Rios says:


Reese Walker says:

I want a medieval game like this for the vr but 100% serious and not a joke thing.

Veritas781 says:

The heads in the background… SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT

101 nigger killer says:

they should add an war-human

1 ball boi says:


the purple bird says:

can you play this

* Spectral-Storm * says:

Does anyone else think that the other peasants look like Brute From the first borderlands game, even the style is the same.


the game is more fun now

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