Battle of the Pelennor Fields – UEBS – Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Gameplay

Battle of the Pelennor Fields: Massive Rohirrim Charge – UEBS – Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Gameplay – Thanks to Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator we will be able to see the fight at Pelennor Fields. 6,000 Rohirrim riders will charge with their king to destroy 50,000 orcs! Minas Tirith is under siege and hopefully Rohan can save the day. Enjoy the Battle 😀

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Pixelated Apollo says:

*What Historical or Fantasy battle who you like to see next?*

Preben Vanderstraeten says:

play the pixelated apollo mod for medieval 2 total war pls!!!

Michael Dickson says:

can you do the battle of Bannockburn 1314

CursetheVandal says:

Octavian and mark antony, vs brutus i forget the name of the battle 🙁

Randomlollis says:

this is fun game but needs some serious ai update (and i understand its only beta and developed by one man)

Jackson Davis says:

do d day

Trexwithashotgun says:

You are a legend Apollo. Have my axe

Mc Lovin says:

I think the orc would be close reffered to the Orcs in Warcraft when they are brown and not green becouse they looks like that with big muscles and taller then humans.

Flash says:

Do battle of five armies

Morgan Braun says:

the battle of the black gate

PandaWan Agent says:

I still L❤VE The Lord of The Rings….and The Hobbit! It was my favorite movie when i was a child!

Mejtz says:

if there would be a third age mod to this game…. no words

Tommy Lavelle says:

Pixelated Apollo can u do seen from war horse where he charges into German camp with new commander. what u will need:
Attackers (British)
2000 ww2 soldiers
5 golden knights
8000 horsemen
1 buffed rider (the war horse)
Defenders(German)in hold position
2000 footman (for melee)
4000 Ww2 soldiers
5 golden knights(commanders)
please play also i know it is not historically accurate.

Guusje Budding says:

maybe a battle of angicourt.

Pidge_Nation says:


Micah Whitley says:

can we see trolls vs dawrves plz thx


How about a Crusade battle on the city map? Archers, Heavy Knights, Footmen, etc. for the crusaders, and Wild Men, Persians, etc. for the Saracens

olaf morgenstern says:

do chuck noris and 1000 MAXED out men vs 999999 weak orcs

wawrzon007 says:

maybe battle of Grunwald (Poland 1410)

wolfy boy says:

i REALLY hope they mod the SHIT out of this game, like they did with that other popular game you play a lot, can’t remember the name. 🙂

BillyPilgrim says:

That game is terrible, it’s just a gimmick to test your PC capabilities. Please tone down the amount of EBS videos.

Queefland Brown says:

The Cav actually does have a bit of a charge bonus. If you run in full speed with Cav against an infantry force, the Cavalrymen will mow through 3-4 lines worth of infantry

TheCatalystHD says:

Try the battle of helms deep

Tony Batchelor says:

Battle of the five armies in uebs please

General Jerk says:

I wise man once said…

bigger is better

The Red Centurion says:

Battle of cannae in the second punic war pls 😀

Samuel Smith says:

Plz check out challenge maker 3000 I’m in chocolate everywhere you are the one who inspired us to make YouTube videos you deserve a play button

The black dog 101 says:

Helms deep

Jeffrey Hameline says:

the hord of warcraft

Ugniaširdis says:

10k spartans vs 30k persians at the end of movie 300

Liam Buckwell says:

Was watching this felling sick after felt alot better

Chese Guy says:

Admit it! you all play song in your head when they were about to charge

longcrazyboz says:

the battle of my little brother vs his computer lag

Dominik Chomont says:

3:35 look at all those chickens!!

Kokly says:

you should have buffed up an archer so it could be legolas.

kennan mcleod says:

there were 150,000 orcs in the battle of minas tirith (the battle of pelenor fields) and either 10,000 or 100,000 orcs left in mordor at the time (btw)

Jordan R says:

How did you get your hands on this?

omairah macaslang says:

is this part 1

Triton D says:

Do the best you can for a D-Day asult

lego freaks says:


lovebus00 says:

Do a battle of Verdun. Extremely long and thin fight with rifle men, machine gunners, and artillery. Make the riflemen have low fire rate. I know that there is an American WW2 unit with Thompsons. You can lead a group of them into the flank and try to clear the trench.

Anthony Diez says:

300 Spartans

Fendt Gamer says:

Apollo do the battle of the boyne

Αλεξανδρος Κουκουρλης says:

battle of hastings or battle of the bastards from game of thrones

Gamebox says:

0:02 A+ editing

Phone games and guides says:

Harad ftw

Poliana Santana says:


Theodor Lundquist says:


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