BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES – UEBS – Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Gameplay

BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES – UEBS – Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Gameplay – You guys requested to see the battle of the five armies and here it is :D. It was kinda challenging to create this battle because of all the different armies and heroes, But I think I did a pretty good job. We have Dwarves, Elves, and Orcs! Even Azog is on the battlefield. Enjoy the Battle 😀

Battle Starts: 2:43

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Gauravpreet Singh says:

can you do the battle of the 300

han solo fing says:

it was orges some attacked to

La Bo says:

I made them run pretty quick, because, you know, dwarves are natural sprinters!

[GD4D]-_-rsboles-_-[GD4D] says:

robin hood ambush theme battle?

Pixelated Apollo says:

*Hey guys! Welcome to the Battle of the Five Armies! What battle do you want to see next?*

Ben Gourlay says:

The orcs were falling faster than my grades

Chris Asleson says:

azog wasn’t at the battle of five armies.

Nathan Miller says:

dwarves are natural sprinters

Coffee Guy says:


Ray helix says:

when you possess a creature you need to select attack target to get them to attack.

GrimsHappyNow says:

Really love ur vids and commentary I subbed hope you see this but I think you deserve more subs than what you have

Yisus says:

the nuke is always satisfying

Jay Penrake says:

The animations look like sprites 😛

Kingwizards says:

I’ve always wanted this thanks

Nikolaj Thor Kristiansen 7A Terndrup Skole says:

i don’t know if it will work but you could make the battle of geonosis from star wars with around it is not the real numbers that would be too many
100 jedi/ heavy knights
85 padawans / footmen
25 masters / golden knights
Janko fett / boosted archer
30000 droids / archer
19200 clones / ww2 soldiers
Anikan, Obi-wan and Mace windu / boosted golden knights
Padme / boosted ww2 soldier
like if u agree

Leo Gardais says:

the battle was unfair the spartans team one shot an orc

Aaro Korenius says:

battle of Helm´s Deep!

Dexter Chiong says:

can you pls do more reforge i am so angry

Usukhjargal Ganbaatar says:

do narnia prince caspian please

Haunter Surname says:

Wait, Movie-version Battle of Five Armies? D:

Cthulhu's Best Priest says:

Do Hardhome, from game of thrones

Fishy Boy says:

Hey apollo i have something good do the battle of Minas Tirith
The castle thingy
Heavy Night as swan nights
archers as archers
i think thats all you can add


Catapult as catapult
Orcs as orcs
Giant ogre as trolls


Michael Nguyen says:

make the battle before
I mean dwarfes vs elfes with Ironfoot in the movie

Brave Soldi3r says:

I hope they will add elves and maybe remove the tables 😛

Bob Debilder says:

Did you know that Azog was actually only mentioned once in the entire hobbit book and Legolas wasn’t there neither was the lady elf and bard was the town guard chief

hafe cast says:

Battle of the bastardsBuffed gold knight (Jon snow), buffed giant ogre, 63 knights (mormont’s troops) and a bunch of wildmen vs a bunch of cavalry, archers, and Spartans (house Bolton)Also put a bunch of cavalry with lessened speed on the other side of the map to represent house arryn’s knights.

licking in process says:

Do a Crusader battle

Aaron Ward says:

5:01 FUS RO DAH!

Phillip fenton says:


RA_TV says:

There are dwarves now? I missed that XD

GreatMalik Simulation says:

cheesy thumbnail

Arthur Lamora says:

what is this shit

Prithvi Swaroop says:

The men are wayy too weak lol

RemusKingOfRome5 says:

Love the carpet … orc base sprinkled with Elves

Rafael Caceres says:


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