BARN FIRE RESCUE & NEW UPDATE! – Flashing Lights Gameplay – Police & Firefighter Simulator

BARN FIRE RESCUE & NEW UPDATE! – Flashing Lights Gameplay – Police & Firefighter Simulator

Welcome to Camodo Gaming’s First Look at Flashing Lights. This is a Police, Firefighter and EMS simulator game.

About Flashing Lights:
Flashing Lights is a single player and multiplayer emergency services simulator focusing on police, emergency medical services and the fire department

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Cathy Shipale says:

do fortnite or roblox pls

Aragorn Jocson says:

16:58 did anyone see the guy get run over?

Jesse Barrett says:

Great vid like always

Dalastic Gamer says:

Hi can you give me a shoutout please my YouTube name is dalasticgamer

Nick K says:

love it

Caden Murphy says:

I just got a dog and we found him on the street

zysky mcpe says:


Cool Gamer says:

Can you guys sub to my channel

Dylan Cumberland says:

Is this game out for download on steam?

Joshua Burkholder says:

love it do more!! p.s I love what you do

Travis Adrian Soriano says:

As a emergency vehicle driver you need to br fast like 110

The president of YouTube says:

Multiplayer please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dylan Cumberland says:

Hi camodo!!

Radioactive Egg says:


Kayden's Vlogs says:


Dylan Cumberland says:

I back

Catherine Wright says:

New update yay

TheDiamondMiner TDM says:

Loved it

zysky mcpe says:


Bus Driver says:

you from USA?

MC Red says:


Mr.Weebfanboy 101 says:

Plis sub to me bc comodo is best

TwoFire says:

Rip Avicii

Luke Netzer says:

I bet he won’t pin this comment. And can you please play multiplayer

TheEnderTeam 1 says:

try and steal a parked car

Cool Gamer says:

Yes this game is awasome

Gde Pradnyana says:

If you dont want that to happen tell the developer to fix it

awesomeman87 says:

i hope you can do a plane hist in the city in Brick rigs That would be GREAT!!!!!

James Strout says:

skip to 5:10 to see the barn fire

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