Aven Colony – NEW HOME FOR HUMANITY! Space Colony Simulation! – Let’s Play Aven Colony Gameplay

Aven Colony Gameplay Part 1: New Space Colony City Building Management Game. Welcome to Aven Colony! Aven Colony is a new space colony resource management city building survival game where your mission it to colonize humanity in an alien Planet! This game seems to be the next Planetbase! Today we take on Vanaar and build the best and biggest city we can! Let’s Play Aven Colony!

Aven Colony Links:

Aven Colony on Steam (Download Link): http://store.steampowered.com/app/484900/Aven_Colony/
Aven Colony Website: http://avencolony.com/

About Aven Colony:
Build your colony’s infrastructure, look after the well-being of your citizens, manage your resources, and guide your colony to prosperity against the backdrop of the harsh and often dangerous realities of the exotic world of Aven Prime.

COLONIZE AN ALIEN WORLD: Build a new home for humanity on a world with a low-oxygen atmosphere, extreme electrical storms, shard storms, dust devils, deadly toxic gas eruptions from geothermal vents, and days so long they have their own seasons. Explore a variety of biomes, from the lush wetlands environment to the much less habitable desert and arctic.


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ICE FroZen says:

0:10 you said that when I was eating, now I feel bad xD

yoloXXXL4 says:

Smashed! that like button

Jackel501 says:

I think the trees near your base that say blocked are the world borders

william wallen says:

the hello neighbor beta is here

Pineapple_3_3_3 says:

More please IGP it’s looks like fun and u make it pretty funny.

Jaden Cadet says:

0:56 :Be sure to SHECK it out

Juke Joint Gaming says:

I just started playing this too. The game graphics are amazing. So far really enjoying it.

Aidan_S says:

IGP, Hello Neighbor is in beta now!

Master AliefKhan says:


Keagan Murray says:


American Box says:


colbycheesedip says:

Sound like a cool thing thoo

Göran Månsson says:

more!!!!!!!!!! PLEAS

Lachlan Cooley says:

Please continue the series I love it 🙂

Salim Can Ülkü says:

you couldnt build there not for tress cause there terrain was too high

tait love says:

More of these vids

The crazy Lama says:

Theres a new update of hello nighber

alpha Ikaros says:


MikeyPlaze says:

Please play hello neighbor the beta just came out IGP

Vlad says:

1 the worm looks more like the tresher maw from mass effect and 2 make a series on this game it looks amazing 😉

ChrisRBLX says:


joshua faenza says:

You need to do the new update for hello neighbor. It the the shopping cart map that you found in one of your previous hello neighbor videos

Marylou Maxwell says:

igp new hello neighbor

leon king says:

more plz

Alex Freeman says:

Kind of feels like an advanced version of Sim City or some game like that

Austin Schnobrich says:

hey indie when will there be more Osiris new dawn?

Ryan S says:

After only a few minutes, I was hooked. I NEED MORE!

Stephanie Canady says:

Please make this and Yonder a series!

Robin Tautimer says:

What if Vannar is like Uranus. One day = one year, but Vannar has a much shorter year either due to being closer to the sun or just generally faster.

Casper Mortensen says:

29 people didnt get any food

The Geek Review says:

Reminds me of Anno 2070. Now I want to play this game.

Warri0r 0f king says:

I love games that you can play God

BlazeAngel2014 says:

if i wasn’t dirt poor i’d buy it.

All Thing's Good - Gaming says:

Looks like Outpost 2 with super updated graphics, 1:10 the font looks like No Man’s Sky’s. Looks fun, Make it a Series!

sacul casul says:


Yanis Srrban says:

make it a series pls and look at the efficiency when you place a farm/greenhouse and click to see the efficiency of the other crops by clicking in the up left of the screen and the drones have a certain range so dont place them in only one zone and pls like this for IGP to see this useful information

Zackary Combs says:

IGP 1. pls do make this a series 2. i believe that because u r beside a mountain thats y its blocked in that area that it was

Mayor Adam West says:

Make it a series

Andreas Heidrich says:

Very entertaining dude 🙂

frost1463 says:

Make it a series

Kevin b says:

Why is copper green

creeper king661 says:

Make it a series because I like this game so far

Lewis Bailey says:

your the best IGP keep doing what your doing

Ezekiel Ontiveros says:

Make it a series very fun to watch

Jon Fultz says:

Make it a series IGP


I played this about annyear ago

It's MSK! says:

Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas JOKE…

One Vago
Two Vago

Mrbudd 11 says:

u suck

walking among worlds says:

Igp hello nebior is on beta

budmangamer says:

personally I think you should keep this series going but I know there is a lot of people that don’t like these games so IGP you better chose wisely

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