Attack of the Boxer Army! – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay & TABS Funny Moments

Welcome to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator! Totally Accurate Battle Simulator isn’t really a Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, but more of a wacky battle simulation game featuring fun weapons and strange physics!
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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay Overview:

A physics based medieval battle simulator which lets you pit wacky waving armies against each other. You take the role of a Battle Commander as you place armies on the battle field. Watch as your minions destroy, or are destroyed by the red enemies!

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Steve Hendrickson says:

its 2 ta 6

idreamaboutbeauty says:

Do 20 boxers vs 20 footman

noukhan chommany says:

100 peasants vs 50 Spearman

Darkgamer555 clancey says:

Shield vs peasants

Space Unicorns MSP says:

A single and ten archers vs normal chicken man and ten peasants

Jose Louigi Laraño says:

Please use my suggest:

20 shildmen
2 cannons
1 chicken man

30 spearmen
5 catapults
1 chicken man

Each team needs to defend their chicken man if the chicken man dies on a team that team looses

Gimli654 says:

2 lines of shield vs 2 lines of shield

Dredmor64 says:

Can you do the battle of Yorktown from the Revolutionary War with muskets, cannons, and a footman as Washington and a spearman as General Cornwallis

ERIC 471 says:

30 spearmen agaisnt 30 boxers

Ochiai Akio Akio says:

l hate red team

Charles Correa says:

do 200 boxer vs 200 foot man

Kirsten Gibbon Brooks says:

120 boxers vs 120 peasant

vines republic says:

do poachers vs chariot pls

Claire Emmons says:

happy face 🙂

Riley Island-Smith says:

So funny

Melissa Haas says:

Do 50 vs 50 muscit men

Jake Winnie says:


Lueezee Jlape says:

Just plz do 50 footmen vs 50 footmen plzz

Kaztube says:

U are the best YouTube ever and plz keep play ing tabs

trumps body guard says:

how about doing something about the French revolution if you already have I haven’t watched many of these but

French army
20 muskets
2 cannon crew
2 ballista
10 foot men

peasents and rebels
30 peasents
5 farmers
10 boxers
5-15 poachers/archers.

Elemental Espeon says:

shield too op!

Ana Orozco says:

Footman vs Boxers

nathan playz says:


Zerry Tuazon says:

Do 1Boxer vs 1Boxer

Ochiai Akio Akio says:

do world war 2

Jayteric says:

If they lose their weapons and their peasants

Kirsten Ednave says:


Geeky Nerd54 says:

10 Hwacha vs 100 peasents

Cody G says:

do a peseasent v peseant

YTflinger says:

Do 2 chicken man mans and 50 samurai

i think samurai is going to win

Dorien Cardenas says:

50 footmen vs 50 footmen

BizzareHcreeper Moens says:

Do 1 shield vs 6 boxers like thisO. XO. X

Ashley Hernandez says:

Do the caveman vs the modern humans

g6 tolate says:

hawacha vs peasant army

Typhon Kid -Minecraft & More says:

100 peasants vs 100 pesants

AMEER SHAH Sayed says:

10 poacher vs 10 fottman and 1 cannon crew and 1 cannon crew

Beck Carter says:

I made up a cool challenge:
1 footman vs alot of farmers.
One footman obviously wont kill all the farmers so whoever the footman does kill eliminate them then redo the battle.
See how many times it takes for the footman to win

Melissa Haas says:

I’m 7 years old so I mite be bad at spelling sorrey

bloo regard says:

blitz pls do 5 daves vs 10 zombies

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