ARMORED BATTLE – Tank & Crew Management Simulation (Armored Battle Gameplay)

ARMORED BATTLE – Tank & Crew Management Simulation (Armored Battle Gameplay)

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Michael Olsson says:

Commander Phly. Your mission is to load Armored Fist 3 and take out the infamous Abrams m1a2. Tanking in the 90’s

The Blue BlobFish says:

Achsully phlee the Tsar tank wasn’t a “late war” tank it was acshually eerly war.

Jordan Lewis says:

The tanks are cool and all and your very skilled with them . But watching you fly is like watching an artist at work . The solo flights are awesome but even the one you do with some team mates are great to watch . They try and match your strategy it seems . You have a trusted wingman . Keep it phly

flodA reltiH says:

This game is hella cool

haveahat_playsYT says:

Ripped off bomber crew, nah joking, I love this game too.

Chinese Ambassador says:

Ernest looks like a underage soldier, which was actually quite common during world war 1 (the youngest soldier was 13 I think)

Арсений Фастов says:

It is Battlefield 1, but the way we really wanted

darkwardragon says:

Umm guys I think we broke Phly 2 tank videos in 1 day?!

CheddarBacon says:

Literally Bomber Crew but ground based!!!

Addison Deweese says:

No modern -.- I’m so sick of games expanding too much. Ww2 at most for this game

Thee Unseen says:

more plz

I Was death says:

Would definitely love to see more

Jacq Wasp says:

Hey Phly! There’s this game from my childhood called Battalion Wars where you could play as a variety of units and control your merry band of tanks, infantry, jets and helicopters.

Anyways, I think you’d really like it! Maybe check it out? (Also thanks for the two videos <3 )

Christian James says:

I’m phlyfalling

Phillip the Great says:

I am already gotten one game this month

bluewaffle 45 says:

Big slow boii in war thunder please

99CCFF756e6b6e6f776e6578696199CCFF647072746c646b says:

Wtf this Minecraft looking game is far more realistic than WT and BF 1

my favevorites Antolin says:

Bomber Crew! But with *TANKS*

Phillip the Great says:

Stop doing fucking games that I want

Ko Ko says:

Wow that is Mark V tank

Brennan MacG says:

You never fail in entertaining your audience

vulturnuszan says:

this is so fucken stupid even you cant make it interesting…

CodtheGreatGamer filipinogamer says:

image there is multiplayer

Wrecker Reviews says:

World War I? Take my money.

Lucas West says:


Butt_Cruch says:

Totally Incredible Tank Simulator

Larry Osterman says:

I have a particularly very unique set of skills. Skills that make me a very dangerous commentator for people like yourself. Skills that I have acquired through patience and persistence. If you play my tank request that will be the end of it, but if you don’t I will be in your comment section until the request is met. So it’s time for loving the unloved Tank Daily! Take the 75mm M3 GMC into battle and get an Ace with this cannon half track and let the suffering begin! Attempt #31

Forrest Boy says:

Play the Panther II at top tier and kill two or more Abrams, it can be done! the Reich will live on for 1000 years my comrades!

Attempt #16

SanderRoblox says:

wait is this bomber crew but in a tank instead?

Ian DeRp says:

Spoiled it spoiled it spoiled it spoooiiilleeddd iittt!!!

李穎儒 says:

Hi Phly,i am Louis,can you play Panzer IV H on BR8.0 to take 5 kill
Attempt #43

Phoenix Fire says:

Actually in the first world war, armour piercing bullets from machine guns could indeed penetrate tank armour, albeit at close range.

Ghifary Muhammad says:

The Less Cartoony Brother of Bomber Crew

also if you said that it goes through ages? can’t wait for Tiger montage man

Tavi 002 says:

Is the game free?

George Corbett says:

Phly would you ever do a video with BoTime gaming? (Attempt 2)

Dan Twomey says:

When you call artilary they didn’t have radios so they used carrier pigeons to communicate

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