American Truck Simulator Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – I’M A TRUCKER

American Truck Simulator Walkthrough Part 1 – American Truck Simulator Gameplay on PC running High Settings 60fps
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kairos setia says:

wht password

Jose Serrano says:

Please use the wheel

Baberraza Waraich says:

euro truck simulator 2 is nice game

russell newsome says:

Great video what controller are you using? thanks

TJ's Gaming says:

dont u know that u have to take deep corners

Dale Whitmore says:

This game is pretty cool with a controller.
Kind of reminds me of GTA environment.

Barbusie says:

You have no Idea because you are not an experienced truck driver….
You keep forgetting that you are dragging 45 to 55 feet of trailer behind you..
When you pull out to make a right turn you need to pull strait until you are
halfway trough the intersection and then turn hard right.. The idea is to get
your rear tandems close to the curb with out driving over it…

I am a retire over the road driver who has nearly 3 millions actual miles in
the saddle.. I was also a trainer for a few years before one of my students
damn near got me killed one day by running his mouth and NOT paying attention…

Mrugmay Mali says:

Bro plz give the pc requirments for this games..

Stabby Da Ninja says:

So Ur a Mother Trucker

Chevy 2015 says:

Can u plz not swear that would be a big help THX

Michael Holm says:

I tried the demo Loved the game if it say’s it will take you 2 hours that is in real time took me 2 and a half hours too get too one job wtf

Jesus Jair Tellez Guzman says:

nk nirnvfiddfr vfeifrh, ffi tj v fkrir irurg gdkfrir gjjjjjjjjf forut h keirtophnmmmmmmkihtrogelr

Summer Whited says:

He is so dumb

Cookie Monster says:

ets 2 on amerıca just addıng new car and desert 😀

Ian laconia nh says:

I drive a truck in real life

Kamran Ali says:

this is Euro truck no american

Inebriated Skunk says:

What, no cruise control?

jonathan doak says:

i forgot to tell you have turn your light on at night if you do not u get a fin cost u $ 1000.
and if u crash cost u$ 1000 if u go throught a red light it a $ 1000.

william werber says:

The 2nd truck you drove is called a Day Runner on account of there’s no Sleeper. Great Game and you’re doing great!

jessiejames50 says:

u can turn right on red lol

Darren Burns says:

is this made for Xbox 1 and ps4

Oyunlog CF says:

Graphics so bad 🙁

Fw Zayyy says:

You do know you got a trailer. You got to turn wide. Not being mad or nothing

Jan Marvin Vistal says:

In my American Truck Simulator. There is no people in every city that I’ve been travel.
Could you help me please?

Baberraza Waraich says:

it game is very boring and bad
euro truck simulator2 is very nice game

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