American Truck Simulator – Alpha build 0.1.60 gameplay

Footage from early alpha of American Truck Simulator game by SCS Software

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Jessica says:

You wait months for this thing to come out and when it does….you figure out that it’s nothing but a work in progress because a finished product cannot possibly be so badly designed. I mean, take the 579 for example, the entire side of the truck is missing and the backs of the seats are transparent, plus the portion of the sleeper that’s visible from the driver’s seat looks like shit. Honestly, that’s very disappointing.

Tristan Gaming says:

I want these sounds in ATS

Andrew Cusi says:

I am from the future. My wheels are dope!

adam honse says:

Do they have the built in Talk Radio mini call in game?

Luis fernando Valencia says:

quiero que salga un juego de esos sin que se tenga que usar sin internet damas para descargarlo o que hayga otro juego de grand truker simulador con mas camiones

valeri mikhanashvili says:

whery good game

kevin game plays Nepomuceno says:

ja tem volvo????

nghĩa lê hữu says:

ve co de khong anh oi

Henrique Letiere says:

faz para Android

Martin Moravčík says:

Ja som 4 level prečo tam nemám ten starší Kenworth ?

Gelderse TruckerNL says:

Is Trailer Axle Steering coming in the ETS2 1.27 update, and when does it come? I know its following this week but does that means today?

TonioVA Goodman says:

How long did it take you to download that sim? I’m not a guy that pays for shit on online. So i was wondering cause i seen a lot of people on youtube download it from torrent. I’ll be downloading this game to my laptop. So i’m looking for help. I’m trying to get all that you have. The awesome all graphics,all weather, all traffic, all trailers, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Freightliner, the 18 speed gear truckers, different states, maps, everything. If you got it cheats for money or all trucks. LOL

Brandon Holman says:

How can I get rid of the lag in game

Super_Sam_ says:

This video was over a year ago and there’s more things in this then we got now in the game after realise lol

GrootMEaROCKET 88 says:

This game would be great for VR

Henrique Letiere says:

Por Favot

Colors Silence says:

I know the games been out for over a year now, but why would they show the trucks with a CB radio in the mount but in game, we don’t get a CB in our trucks unless we go onto truckers mp?

Xel says:

is it worth to buy ATS ?
Note: I have ETS2
Thanks for your answer of advance
PS: Sorry for my bad English: I’m french tho

Tom Flanigan says:

Loved it. Loved it. Awesome trucking dude.

B4GAMER says:

i like thes Game But i have lag my Laptop is bad

Camila Costa says:

SCS Software cade o volvo

JoaKimzen says:

It would have been cool if they made a game that combined Euro Truck and ‘Merican Truck.

Alexandru Nancu says:

where can I find this beautiful sound of 579? because I found the kenworth sound in ets2 1.9.x base, at scania sound called “v8_ext” and “v8_int”, but I really want this sound of 579

Wolf Tomi says:

thanks SCSSoftware

Kuba 8103 says:


HOBBIT says:

Я тут походу один русский

Robert Poirier says:

Dear secs soft where my name is Owen I’m 12 years old old and Ats in is your best game yet

Marcelo Braga says:

13:27 I saw a post in the middle of the road!

Renato_Gamer says:

this game is bad I do not like I really liked was the ETS2


funciona para 32 bits ?

cristi baciu says:

mie tot mi se blocheaza

Sherwin Brown says:

a scs y’all need to let us do drop and hook and live unload scs then let us work for a company if we choose to and make sure you put the real economy on their like 1.41 a mile ain’t no one get paid 34 dollars a mile just pleases add the real economy and take this into suggestions!!!

Kallum says:

The sounds in the alpha build are so much better…

Anthony Simmonds says:

What i dont like about these Truck Simulators is that it don’t teach u HOW to drive these as a first timer 🙁 ESPECIALLY REVERSE PARKING 🙁 🙁 🙁 I want to learn not just jump in a truck and drive 🙁

Reinaldo Bortone says:

Quando você lança um jogo DITO NOVO, no meu modo de ver, tem que ter novidades, o que não acontece no AMERICAN TRUCK SIMULATOR, comprei o jogo original, já rodei mais de 3.000 km para ver as novidades, o que encontrei, foi cópias do EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR 2, principalmente nas empresas, o nome pode ser diferente, más o local é o mesmo do ETS2. Só tem 2 caminhões para você rodar, e estes caminhões você pode os ter no ETS2. A chuva continua artificial como no ETS2, eles não tiveram nem o cuidado de na chuva os carros levantarem o spray de água, quando você coloca na câmera de fora aí que a coisa fica mais artificial ainda, então o que tem de novo neste jogo ? a não ser o preço R$79,00, e não vejo ninguém criticando este lançamento, pode até ser que este jogo venha a melhorar daqui a 6 meses a um ano, o ETS2 para mim, é muito superior ao ATS.

Eduardo Buis says:

esse grafico é mais realista que o atual.

Altos says:

Holy shit, I thought this company was small just some 16 year old teen made the Bus Driver game back in 2007 in 1 hour.

nghĩa lê hữu says:

Anh oi sao ma em thay kho vay

Doc Julien says:

Beautiful. But how weird there are no highways?
I prefer the Scania trucks im sure someone will mod them into this game right?

Jonathan Ponte says:

Make A Euro Truck Simulator 2 For Ps4 Please SCS Software

Nelson Pun says:

This should get adapted into real life. Truck drivers can work from home like drone pilots

Hahaha ohaaa volvo says:

the sound is soooo bad lol

Pavel Sviridov says:


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