AMERICA is INVINCIBLE Flying Super Fortress! (USA Total Tank Simulator Gameplay)

TTS Simulator Gameplay NEW USA Update B-29 Flying Super Fortress (TTS Demo 4 Gameplay Part 4)

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pelyphin0 says:

Try Impossible. Also, first person mode is neat – looks fun for the player – but can be a little dull for the viewer; you miss the whole battle.

Samuel says:

Baron next time you play don’t use first person because when you do we can’t see the rest of the battle

Harry Coop says:

I feel like first person mode is more fun for the player than it is for the viewer

Panzerkampfwagen says:

What!? Zat was not what we encountered! They just T-34 rushed us!

Jhon Christopher Merciadez says:

huh just like world with tanks if you just `use tanks

Javi Javi says:

Videos of this

CrapGamingYT says:

Baron you are my life

BaronVonLetsPlay says:

Hey guys, so I’m currently still traveling for business. I was just at Gamescom and now I’m in Sweden working with Landfall Games on some projects for TABS and another game. Sorry for the mic quality….I’ll be back to using my regular microphone soon!

Burntp Down says:

Can u use some of the secondary weapons on tanks like Browning 50cal

Netrical 041 says:

Challenge: Take a shot when everytime Baron uses talks in a different accent.

Jeffrey Wu says:

Copying war thunder

EL30bro says:

Hey Baron, I wanna see more of this.

Max Messina says:

operation unthinkable was actually a thing

Dr.Mario says:

I think they got Hungary in their map wrong, if this is supposed to be before Germany demanded Sudetenland or Austria, CSR ( Czecho-Slovakian Republic) would still have Carpathenia Ruthenia. Some hearts of Iron 4 knowledge :b

Mundy Lunes says:

Can you play some men of war online game?

Bahamut Cat says:

Hey baron, where are the new home wars videos

Golden Gamer1_1 says:


Iacim Nabinagnap says:


Alex Lee says:

hi can you do more home wars? do air to ground videos please

donie fabian says:

baron PLZ try the DEI glocke its op if it survieves a bit and it destroys air 2 PLZ try

The lions Mcdonagh V Garlands says:

I heard world war 3 there’s no tanks

CaptainKobra says:

I’ve been with this game since the start and… uhh… it’s a bit war thunder like now

Amanda Sharman says:

Baron do a lot of Sherman vs German superbtank

Yuen KiK Li says:

I make every tank stuck in 1 hole before so….You know what

Lego Chicken says:

More please

Teague Northouse says:

baron go to ravenfeild and plz get trench run really cool and fun map

von Moltke says:

Dislike for the title btw

Alan He says:

baron plzz do more!! the battles you do are insane!!!!!

Agnes Dauti says:

Mate, america isn’t invincible. Britain is, no one has been able to invade us, Spain, France and Germany all failed. So yeah, be quiet…

hiii bye die says:

Hey barn that’s a b29 super fortress the other other one is the b17 flying fortress so pls get it correct

loki man mazin says:

Do more

Damien Brandsma says:


GamerGuy Fun says:

didnt know you could BE the tank

Comrade Lenin says:

Pretty surprising how the creators of this game make Operation Unthinkable an actuality unlike real life.

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