Airport Simulator 2015 PC Gameplay Full HD 1080p

Airport Simulator 2015 bringing old men groping you in the name of “National Security” to the world of gaming. Maybe that’s a lie but I still feel molested and dirty after playing this game….



The continuation of the exciting airport management and aircraft handling simulation series

Huge, open-world airport grounds with runways and landing strips, a vehicle hangar, and access to the tower

A total of 14 controllable vehicles and machines, including a shuttle bus, passenger stair truck, jet bridge, pushback truck, catering truck, cargo loader, cargo transporter, refueler, de-icing vehicle, ground power unit, follow-me car, and three different snowplows

The dynamic mission system offers countless exciting tasks on the apron and taxiway

A total of five different types of aircraft

Realistic air and road traffic (including aircraft takeoffs and landings)

Various achievements and the option to upgrade vehicles and machinery

Diverse weather conditions such as snow, rain, and sunshine, as well as day and night cycles

A realistic soundscape, including radio communications


Fleur Diprose says:

He said 2014 instead of 2015

wahyudi aprinandar says:

have link download this game

Unknown says:

It takes a while for him to read

TheDeadLinger says:

Fuckers say that he can’t operate a fucking Jet Bridge and shit…THIS IS JUST A GAME, FUCKERS!

ZZBoss Gaming says:

You have to follow the road for cars or you will get hit by an airplane.

Dzaki Taufiiqul Hakim says:

Fuck you I hate you Good bye I’ll never watch this video and some other your videos because you were too long for reading that and you’re stupid. sorry for my Rude

adjiemas putra says:

Banyak bacotttt tau ga lu. Maen aja udh. Boring

Yuchen6 Wang says:

is it a PC game?



Maldivian Shark says:

your gameplay is cool and commentry is funnty sometimes

Hotdiggietydog Bros says:

Airport games rule

ShopSongs says:

full hd AND 1080p :O this must be my lucky day….

Sido's says:


Arthur Dinesh says:

Who is the target audience for a game called “Airport simulator”? Probably people who are interested in airplanes.
How much does this audience care about the fact that the game cannot get airplane names, dimensions and overall looks right? Probably a lot.
What are the odds of this game making it big on steam? Probably none.

wouter kos says:

“lets try to reverse park cause that just makes the most sense….” no it doesn’t!! i mean, almost everybody who has ever been on an airport knows how this works and if you don’t, just look at the car…

Andy Brockbank says:


M1ck3y says:


PewdarrenGt - Gameplay And More!! says:


GeneralN0va says:

pretty shit at video games, that takes skill to suck

kops_fans just fans not real says:


MrZupa says:

1337 Cash, Fair Enough

king of videos says:

nice ass

Machis Copac says:

U can download for free for ios this game

Matty L says:

hahaha i work in aviation… this is the most painful video ive ever seen! haha good job mate, good laugh

Agil Krisna says:

youre bad to play this game. do not have experience

zenELECTRON says:

omg. pls only play games that are good for you… 🙁

AdmiralNimitz04 says:

Is this multiplayer?

thisaccountisfake says:

Graphics are still shit like

Niall Swinnerton says:

So many times I was like “you need to do this, nope… your heading the wrong way argh” lol maybe you should have learnt how to play before showing it.

Rehan Ahammed says:

ajsyw rdis

DriftBlade. says:

sub me and i ll sub you too

zhixing Ong says:

is this free?

Reem Mansour says:

boring when I watch
1liked –

Airport CEO says:

Interested in an airport tycoon style game insted? Check out the development of Airport CEO!

Daffa Thamrin says:

do you have ipad samsung

Dan D says:

reverse park a catering truck? lol

Byron Harper says:

This game looks like something from 2001.

joseph poh says:

How many bloody simulator games are there.

Rubik says:

boring game

Mark E says:

i thought the 2014 version was bad, but this version takes the biscuit. terrible steering of all the vehicles. impossible scenarios. a pile of crap

Matty231 says:

You cock smokers givin him shit yet you obviously watch them all? Fuck. Lol.

Claudia Lingurar says:

You are so stupid man !!!

B00ted_HS .B00ted_HS says:

this is a positive comment, to add some diversity towards the other shitty people

Thomas Zottos says:

It’s air crash investigation.

Edwin Perello says:

dudes why are you even mad to him his just a starter at the game and it’s just a game right George George: Yes why

Rally Boyd says:

Painful to watch…you don’t have to constantly talk either m8

Ben Roberts says:

Liked and what do you play this on iPad phone or Xbox 360 or Xbox 1 or ps4 or wii

Chicken Neck says:

Boy you take too long!!!! Just fucking play the game and don’t even fucking talk it’s so painful to watch, this game looks like it was made for a mobile device!! Two words: FUCK OFF

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