50 T-34 vs 10 TIGERS – SIMULATION – Combat Mission Red Thunder Gameplay

You remember 50 Shermans against 10 Tigers right? Well, what if those Shermans get replaced by Soviet T-34 tanks. It’s time to find out, who’s going to win this one, on a totally blank map, one side attacking, other defending. T-34 needs to get close enough to be able to penetrate the armor of Tiger I. Even penetrating side or rear can be a tricky, depending on if the tank is angled or not. That said if you enjoy then don’t forget to leave a LIKE! This is Combat Mission Red Thunder scenario.

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Дмитрий Outpost says:

Interesting that t-34 result is much more better than 50 Shermans vs 10 T-VIs

Cyril Euscobar says:

What? No White Tiger?

Tomas Barahona says:

10 retard tigers *

BigLeagueGaming says:

Go tiger tank!


battle of Kursk in a nut shell

Soldier Breakneck says:

Why Tigers play role of non moveable firing point? On such terrain they could get up to 25 kmh. Its only on 10 km less than T-34s. In addition they had good rotation speed. Defence does not mean standing in one position. Conclusion – its not a simulation, its bullshit.

Tankgaming HD says:

Definetly more realistic than war thunder

Человек Человечный says:

50 T-34-85 VS 15 TIGERS

NinjaTyler FAN CHANNEL says:

I remember the days you played Heroes and Generals.Since then i love your videos.Respect bro.

Johnathon Didicher says:

The Germans would have won if everyone didn’t jump out and retreat.

Laajt Laajt says:

Panther vs tiger

werr kowalski says:


Kot 04 says:

It isn’t simulation. T-34 and Tigers didn’t fighting in Mongolia.

George Chambers says:

Hurraaa! XD

rafinho divino says:

These germans are blind or what??? how they didnt seen the t-34s behind them??

Black Sheep says:

Vy didn’t ze Germans bail out when zheir tank was completely fine?

Dan_The_ Man says:

30 M5A1 vs 1 Jagdtiger

Gorilla Jones says:

The Tiger isn’t invincible but it’s a known fact that many of the Tigers at Kursk had kill ratios of 20 to 1. Given each Tiger had an A list crew I doubt the T34s would have beaten them. This is a cool series of videos.

romanbuinyi says:

Fury: Eastern front edition.

Abdul Minara says:

Change you logo agen? Rocky

nuke99 says:

Good scenario. Probably if the Tigers had more range, like start from 3000 meters they would have won

Basically Immortal says:

pin this if u
dont suck 😀
love ur vidz btw
nice new profile

Justin Franks says:

i also suggest you try i game i got during the steam summer sale called Wargame: Red Dragon and think it would make a good addition to your video’s as it is based off of Nato +S. korea/japan vs the Warsaw pact +N. korea/China during the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

Taras Bovsun says:

видос заебца!

Keiser Sior says:

Am wrong.Americans been feed so much lies by the loser German Generals postwar.
Main reason for Russian loses at Kursk was the panzerfaust.Not German tanks.By 43 Russians were running rings around entire Army groups. Operation Bagration destroyed Army Group center.70% of German war equipemnt. And Germany used entire Europe and its industry to feed its military

Bella Rosso says:

does anybody know where i can get this simulator?

Mikazuki_Augus says:

150 T-34-85 vs 30 Tiger II

ThatMotherJoe says:

Too many tigers

Russell says:

This is more realistic of a tank battle… the T34 was made to be infantry support medium tank… the tiger was the king of the battlefield but too few were made to make a difference

Lien Nguyen says:

Rip t-34

the Awsomenexx says:

Ina Nani must be T-34-85 u fool

85blutch says:

Reality: Franz Staudegger with his Tiger I had to stop 50 t-34’s with only his Tiger I at Kursk, he killed 26 of them, the other ones retreated, he then chased the t-34’s, being out of AP rounds he knocked a few out with HE shells, he only retreated because he was out of ammo and din’t want to take the risk to be outflanked or to push his fragile Tiger too hard

Matěj Klement says:

10 panther vs 3 abrams

Глеб Петровский says:

Pf. T34.39 -57mm T34.42 -76mm T34.44 – 85 mm gun.

t 55 says:

5 panther vs 22 t34

Rodrigo v: v: says:

15 king tigers vs 15 is3

Mitch Clarke says:

whats this sim called

Rest at peace LOLLOLLOL says:

hmmm try the 34/85

Joshua Ngau Ajang says:

Quantity vs Quality. Battle of Kursk in a nutshell.

Hollman Cepeda says:

Please….Do the next battle;
US, Russian, French and British Armed Forces VS Japanese, Italian and German Armed Forces!!!!
(Including warships such as aircraft carriers and armored ships in addition to anti-aircraft guns and artillery)

hum zaad says:

Putin will be disappointed

Terrence GIFT says:

tiger is my fav

Leandro Lavin says:

I like your videos and what i will say isn’t in front of thems, but i see that are prisoners of the IA cause every time the combats gets silly like this when the T-34 pass the defensive line and just stop few meters behind the tigers, could be great make thems better like the tigers take a defensive formation, and the T-34 go for the weak point of the tigers or something similar.
Thanks for the vidios bro

Jersey Mallorca says:

Weird why does the tanks looks from MOWAS 2

Justin Franks says:

i am a men of war as2 player myself and i would like to see something like…maybe 10
T-55’s vs 10 panther II’s?

Rocky Brown says:

Where is Michael Wittmann when we need him?

Pancake Productions says:

Where did you get this game I can not find it on steam.

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