30,000 Romans vs NUKE! Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Gameplay

Epic Battle Simulator gameplay – 20,000 VS 5,000 Castle Siege – Epic Battle Simulator is like a realistic tabs battle simulator. EBS is currently in development, folllow the action below.

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srg forge says:

Baron if this game gets an update that allows warhammer 40k units do necrons vs romans

johnathanhen says:

How beefy will your new computer be? Will there be a video on your new rig?

jon pol says:

churchill vs hitler

TheMalibuLizard says:

Velociraptors VS Xenomorphs.
Berserks Midland army and Demons vs the Kushan Empire and monsters.
Metal Gear Rex vs ww2 soldiers.
Cloverfield Monster and Parasites vs modern army.
Penguins instead of Persians against Spartans at Thermopylae.

The possibilities are really endless.

Wesley Van den Berg says:

Hopefully they Will get ZE Tiger tank in this game cuz i would like to see the battle of anzio

B᷈ͤ̿l͓̜͛o̶᷁̔o̢᷊̺d͔͌͂Ṭͫ͛i̞g̳͊̕ḙ̥͜r͇̯͑ says:

imagine if he adds a rts option. command lines and stuff

Neko Wolf says:

Maybe ww2 solider vs medevil warfare

jacen culaba says:

I would have been awesome if the nuke explosion is more bigger than that explosion

Steve 1O1 says:


BaronVonLetsPlay says:

Baron’s Brigade….What would you guys like to see in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator?
Also great news…the BEAST computer is finished! Now it’s time to install all my games and capture equipment and software. Looking forward to start streaming and getting back to 2 videos a day now. Hype!

Your Average Russian Guy says:

Trump vs Obama sin Laden? Kim Jong un vs Trump? Putin vs Stalin? Hitler vs Churchill? *cough* jews vs gas *cough*

Aglais Urticae says:

When those Units jump of the Cliffs, it always reminds me of Hardhome

john drake says:

WW1 units vs WW2 units

jon pol says:

SAS vs navy SEALs

SilverEaglezzz HD says:

elves, dwarves, spiders, ents so on

Zombie Invasion says:

baron make a intro look at youtube how to make a Intro its been look nice

G0DS F3AR says:


Kasper Lenjou says:

music is “el dorado” from TSFH, check them out guys and baron!

HudsonGTV says:

Bruh, what are the specs of your PC? having 30,000 entities while recording must be really intensive.


BARON you should do the epic Gondorian charge from lord of the rings into the orcs
Do: 20,000 orcs any unit vs 5,000 to 10,000 Gondorian Horses

Rafael Rubio says:

Baron Would you do more Kingdom and Castles ???

Mark Enry says:


Remedios. Datukan says:


Alex Tony says:

some khnits

Donald J. Trump says:

10.000 Muslims VS 200.000 Christian

Nguyen Tran says:

I want to see planes

kitty kat clan says:

10000 penguins vs 11000 chickens vs 7000 horses vs optionary 10 world war 1 soldiers

Alone Audio says:

I want gigantic units in this game, like a giant making units fly!

Oleg Atakov says:

They are not orcs, they are uruks

charlie lewis says:

bart’s vs lisa’s (simpsons)

John-Rosalinde Cenakartoffel says:

Roooooooooobercht…germans can relate

chupakabra1999 says:


(not winged, but still)

Headless Dan says:

I want to see the battle of Athens from Helen of Troy

Block Gamer says:

i want samuries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls

Peanutbutter says:

I would love to see some tactics and formations. that would be epic

Johan Cilliers says:

for them not to fall in the same way

lukas15t says:

1ww romman edition

Mad gamer 666 says:

I would love to see mithical monster

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