23 NEW Upcoming SIMULATION Games 2018 & 2019 – Open World, Building, & Simulator Games

These are 23 upcoming Simulation Games 2018 & 2019.

Games List:

00:05 Satisfactory
01:18 UBoat
02:49 Identity
04:12 Thief Simulator
05:39 Mr Prepper
06:13 Bum Simulator
07:43 Alaskan Truck Simulator
09:08 Cooking Simulator
10:02 Bee Simulator
10:59 Prison Simulator
11:50Farming Simulator 19
12:57 Common’Hood
14:14 Woodzone
15:01 Truck Driver
15:36 Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator
16:05 Junkyard Simulator
17:04 Contraband Police
17:33 Priest Simulator
18:58 Rescue Medic
20:24 Accindent
21:53 Diesel Brothers The Game
22:29 Tank Mechanic Simulator
23:24 Plane Mechanic Simulator


Xoruam says:

I wonder when they will make an “Imam simulator” where you can r4p3 9 year olds, throw gays off of roofs and send your believers to blow themselves up in the middle of city centers.

A Rabbi simulator would also be great, where you could get to scam people off their money, use convoluted logic to defend even the most outrageous deeds and shout HOLOCAUST! and ANTISEMITE! at everyone who even slightly disagrees with you.

I mean, come on. Equality is equality, everyone means everyone <3

Aruzor 21 says:

Rescue medic looks nice

wyqtor says:

The Satisfactory trailer is so satisfactory that I can watch it multiple times without getting bored.

R0lica says:

Some of these truly retarded.

Artillery Horse says:

Uboat yes please, Tank Mechanic wow different…

Ulfric Sombrage says:

You can add Il 2 Sturmovik Battle of Bodenplatte

CheeseFromHell says:

bum simulator is going to be such a meme

VMC BUX says:

yes great

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