16 NEW Simulation Games 2019 – Build & Management Games

These are 16 Simulation Building & Management Games 2019.

Games List:

00:05 Crossroads Inn
01:07 Car Manufacture
01:50 Railroad Corporation
03:00 Transport Services
03:58 Good Company
05:25 Common Hood
06:56 Office Management 101
07:49 Space Haven
09:07 Initiative
10:46 Mars Horizon
11:13 Sky Haven
12:35 Mr Prepper
13:07 Woodzone
14:00 Prehistoric Kingdom
16:00 Satisfactory
17:44 Volcanoids
19:20 Emergency Tycoon


Eddie Fitzgerald says:

Oh God some of these look so boring. Most devs seem to think that sim players are real dumb and will happily play any old shit

Zellmer says:

Es sind ein paar coole spiele dabei, mal schauen

Jack pine Savage says:

Submarine simulation games please. The Ubisoft game “Silent Hunter III” crashes every time I try to play them. They load and I play a few times, then it won’t load and a pop-up appears telling me it won’t work.  Sad, because I really enjoyed playing those sims for hours at a time.. I’ve been playing sub sims since Sid Meir’s  “Silent Service”, then “Aces of the Deep”, then the Ubisoft “Silent Hunter” games.  If they could figure out a way to make a Windows 7 version of “Silent Service” or “Aces of the deep” that would be awesome.

Wesley Carlo Lim says:

based on the trailer for space haven you will get a small reference to guardian of the galaxy the mining pods and satisfactory will be loved by factorio and fortresscraft evolved player

Von Plaful says:

Why “Mars Horizon” was cut?

your mom says:

That Sid Meier’s Railroads ripoff… the original is almost 20 years old and still better than this one.

hinge777 says:

looking forward to Crossroads Inn, interesting concept. also Satisfactory looks cool, a 3d factorio

mayaz mahmud says:

Hopes up for prehistoric kingdoms… hope theyll have aquatic and flying creatures unlike jurassic world evo

Lejsen says:

I can’t find any information about the Transport Services thing..

Jean Trindade says:

Muto bom.

Justin Wirtz says:

Satisfactory looks to be Factorio only in first person

cdp sp. z o.o. says:

Hi DT Gaming!
Thanks for sharing Crossroads INN! Is there any option of talking with you on DM? We would like to invite you to try out our game. Best regards!

Eno Bano says:

I got invited to alpha for Satisfactory. Its as amazing as it looks on the demo

Alex says:

New Railroad!!!

robert berserker says:

I like how common hood looks, but it leaves me several questions. Like wtf is happening.
Space haven looks good too. It reminds me to that other game that looks a lot like this, but the devs leaved unfinished. Lets hope it doesn’t happen the same again, because this looks good.
Also, i have several questions for mr. pepper too. But im sure the Feds have a lot more questions than i do.

Ian moseley says:

Apart from the taverns thing, which looks more like a D&D accessory it all looks like the same old

David Beamer says:

A bunch of unimaginative remakes, for the most part. Thanks for the public service of making a list of things I won’t need to waste any time or money on. 🙂

Heartwork79 says:

High expectations for Railroad Corporation. My current fave is still Transport Fever, followed by Railway Empire. But I still hope for something as big as Sid Meiers Railroad Tycoon, which is still my all time high when it comes to train games.

Márk Vörös says:

Sky Haven: “MALÉV” in 2019? 😀 😀 It’s closed about 5 years ago lol 😀

Sarstan says:

Just can’t get excited about any of these. They’ve all been done before, half the games have graphics that flash games could outperform, and most look painfully shallow. I now feel spoiled with Capitalism 2 of all things.

Irzy Ghani says:

Im waiting Emergency Tycoon

Andrew Johson says:

well i like see links to those games btw emegrency tycoon had interviews and game play videos btw Transport Services – i cant find the website for this one 🙁

jonah says:

seems like prehistoric kingdom should be a golf course sim

Ask says:

2019 games ??? wtf :))

Pop Cap CS says:

Can we play it without steam?

KootFloris says:

All games pure capitalist mindset, sadly and terribly. All focused on growth at the cost of nature, even when not shown explicitly like in the car factory. How come success is ‘growth at the cost of our planet’? And are workers just like pawns to manipulate around for profit? How come such questions aren’t asked in these games? And then Common Hood does ask these questions: wow!

Chad Oliver says:

Missed Keep the Peace

SnopFop says:

Very bad editing 🙁

GhostKnight says:

i love your videos!!

if i may make a suggestion, maybe adding links to the game in the description can help us find the game faster.

Oliver Wisniewski says:

Nothing for console???

‎ ‎ says:

i only like truck and bus simulators..

Sho0terKinGmaZtah1999 says:

Satisfactory hatte den besten trailer hab den move mitn klatschen gefeiert der kamm so unerwartet 😀

your mom says:

“Build your own fantasy tavern” LOL, ok.

T-800 says:

Half the games in this list look like off-brand ripoffs of games that already exist.

Herbet Herbet says:

if Office Management 101 is from 2019 why the graphics so old ?

Beh Wen says:

i would love to see mr pepper on the show 😀

The Law says:

Upcoming open world games 🙂 please

John P says:

Yes! Space Haven! Just like the abandoned Spacebase DF-9 ! Nice.

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