1,000,000 COINS!! | Roblox Weapon Simulator

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Joshua Jacob says:

Kevin whats your intro

Maria Perez says:

I’m eating takis


3:59 lmao its probably just me but it looks like your doing something more then tickling that noob

Rey Fernandez says:

I love the simulators in roblox

Bentley Wilson says:


Zane Naseem says:

GWU family awesome

meco robinson says:

Yes i love you but i want you to get a million its awesome

San Toney says:

5:17 is nasty af

youngfatboi says:

Kev, ive been watching since gta 5 and something is telling me that we need at least one more game besides roblox. I really do love the roblox series but i also missed others such as, gta 5, 2k18, call of duty and simulators. I know some kids love roblox but please a little more games. For your boi. EDIT: My boi is at 3 and a half mill subs what a goal.

Rubymarie Campbell says:

Luv you vid

Nevayah Smith says:

U get it they are dying laughing

Ruben ganster says:

I Love The New Intro

Sophie Hildreth says:

Your better van jonesgotgame bro your the coolest

Keenan Moore says:

3:58 PAUSE

McCoy Nsemanyu says:

buy coins yeah

Kaden Carter says:

Love you to

каквпаптодщшжджжмыу3ечфяча5шзээбаррдээ Kirakosyan says:

Ты дибил хренв

Marvion Kindle says:

i played this 20 minets

AChocolateStarr says:

AYE! Everyone Add Me on Roblox —> ChocolateStarr

Randolph Santiago says:

Do more simulator games

Ahmed Hammadache says:

No i am the bigest fan ever and i am not ahmed i am his son said.

Jaylin Chance says:

I love your intro’s

Placido Toribio says:


Rennan Obrador says:

wow nice intro

Verónica Ortega says:

Like your new intro

mike justin says:

Smash that like botton

sindhu anilkumar says:

W love you to kev

Trell Dabbinxyt says:

Intro song cullimore escape remix

meco robinson says:

Yes you got the rocket lancher

kyle kryptonYT says:

Omg im youre biggest fan

Stephanie Serrano says:

I subscribed love your vids their amazing

Yanira Martinez Rodriguez says:

Look l have dual láser pistols

Daniel Garcia says:

Haven’t see your videos I don’t now why

GamingWithKev says:

Love you guys! 😀

Marvion Kindle says:

congraglasens to2k

Roman Vladimir Marcelino says:

kev pretty cool intro!!

Aqeel Nuriffqi says:

Tq GWK I Love You Too

meco robinson says:

The. Teacher

Ahmed Hammadache says:

Roket loncher

Brittany Nester says:

I love youre videos

Maria Perez says:

You are cool I watch u every time

super ermana s says:

I fall in love with your vid

KING_Fortnite YT says:

Kev you have the best intro keep up the good work

Xavier Covington says:

What is that game called

herman gertze says:

like four him a baggest like

Mary joy Gelizon says:

Don’t play slender and wears historia Suit i you takë of invinsable and you become the real slender man

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