10 minutes of Two Point Hospital Gameplay – From the makers of Theme Hospital!

Chris takes a look at some brand new Two Point Hospital gameplay, the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital!

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D.Walthers says:

Frostpunk was great! Jurassic World Evolution is just around the corner and now this is coming too. It’s a great time for building/management sim fans.

agentgingerman says:

Is it possible to get hold of an early copy or nah?

James Ward says:

The really important question: what’s the new version of the squits?

Macho Fantastico says:

Theme Hospital is still a blast to play so I’m super excited for this. Hope they open it up to modding etc.

Even the receptionist sounds the same.

Leigh Pankhurst says:

After all these years, TAKE MY MONEY!

Shadow T- Tamir says:

Great vid! (Also 1st)

ZRovas117 says:

I can see it now. When things go crazy, you’ll start hearing, in that sassy receptionist voice:

“Doctor needed in GP’s office!”
“Doctor needed in Inflation Room!”
“Nurse needed in Pharmacy~!”
“Doctor needed in Operating Theater!”

DeadlyShadowsX9 says:

I really hope this comes to consoles too, loved Theme Hospital back in the PS1 days!

The CastAway DC says:


Isaac Reid says:

If we don’t get an Aoife + Johnny playthrough of this when it comes out we’re politely rioting.

Mahyuddin Zin says:

I dunno man, if a hospital announced “we just cured our first patient!” I’d actually be relieved. I’d be like “Ok they figured it out”

Mariafuu says:

Theme Hospital was my first ever video game, so I’m really looking forwards to this! 😀 It was fun even though I was an eight-year-old with very limited English skills, so I’m sure it’ll be even better now xP

Haze H says:

oh my god theme hospital was my childhood along with the lucasarts games, monkey islands and the likes. definitely buying this!

Dojo Games says:

I Was talking about theme hospital these days. Oh god!

Green Tea says:


Kate says:

I spent so many hours of my childhood playing this and I am hyped to do it all again!

Se7en2107 says:

This is brilliant! I loved Theme Hospital when I was little. My dad and I used to play it together since I couldn’t read English yet. If he were alive today, he would have loved Two Point Hospital as well. It’s exactly what I was hoping for and I can’t wait to play it!

YummiestOrphan says:

Hospitals look way too small.

Ethan Duffy says:

British humour, but certainly inspired by the medical system over the pond.

Nerd Over News says:

So much Building Games … i want them all 🙁

C Fents says:

Thanks Brattman!

Mujtaba Walji says:

I mean dicky wang is just toilet humor

Don Rebel says:

cant wait for this anyone know how much it gonna cost

AdmUp says:

Why is the money in dollars? This is a disgrace.

GabrielKnightz says:

Love you Chris but how is Johnny not a part of this video, (with Aoife furiously screaming in the background, oh fond memories)
Please tell me there’s a *Team Eurogamer* running a hospital in coop, that’s just a sitcom that writes itself.

thisistherevolt says:

The lady who does the announcement is the same as well. Can’t wait to play this, and the genuine glee I hear in Chris’ voice is refreshing.

Bryan Donnelly says:

Any console talk?

Lars Muldjord says:

Ooooh, this looks really, really good! The art style is fantastic! And I love the idea of expanding it to other games further down the line. I’m gonna buy this, no doubt. Loved the Late to the Part episode with Theme Hospital btw.

tanoshineko says:

Janitors are sexy.

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