WORLDS LARGEST LEGO RACE AND DEMOLITION DERBY! – Brick Rigs Gameplay Roleplay – Lego Car Crashes!

Brick Rigs Gameplay & Roleplay featuring the WORLDS LARGEST LEGO RACE and Lego Demolition Derby! Today in Brick Rigs we have a huge Lego Race using amazing Lego Cars as well as a Lego Demolition Derby! Welcome to Brick Rigs Gameplay & Roleplay featuring a TON of amazing lego car crashes!

This video IS Kid Friendly and Fun for Kids!

Brick Rigs Gameplay Playlist:

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About Lego Brick Rigs:
Brick Rigs allows you to build many kinds of vehicles from a variety of bricks and experience their dynamic driving and destruction physics in a sandbox environment.
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► Beautiful O.B :


Patricia Butler says:

I think some people watched this in Grays channel

Bryson Rhoden says:


Air Aero says:

19:20 CAR-ma. Get it?

Thucydides Antonio says:

Its look like wreckfest

Dan Echols says:

another video with beautiful OB know why I knew it yes I knew it I love and demolition derby is my favorite

B- ROCK says:


Patrick McGrath says:


B- ROCK says:

can u do a singol player soon pls

77 62 says:

Well… Gray says this is full of pain and sadness.. he’s wrong… It’s full of sadness and pain

It'z Your Boi Trevor says:

How do i enter into these brick rigs servers and stuff like this?

David Alvarado says:

O.B drive

mary nelson says:

play more scrap mechanic o.b.

Carl Ull says:

Hello O.B Can you play the Crew 2?

Silverwing Gaming says:


AleksaPlayz says:

rip obv

Hondaav Toast says:

more stormworks plz

wolf master says:

There isn’t one video without distraction in it is there

police Gameing101 says:

you make my day

jeffy the slayer says:

Im the 100 like

xThe_Cat_Lordx says:

Tell grey ctrl + U rights the vehicle without resetting it. And what type of cars were you using?

Bonny Moulton says:

First comment

Dalton Matthews says:

I watched this on gray channel bith of u where really good

B- ROCK says:

grate vid

Alan Green says:

hi ob

Wilde household says:

Hi OB i love your videos better than DanTDM

tiffany smith says:

its a flaming harvester

Derpy The Whale says:

*Lego Racers Remastered 2018 “Confirmed”*

MR.Patricksen07 says:

You are best

Joe Edick says:

play forze 3


Im 5 comment and like

Jaco Swart says:

hi again O.B

Piggy Porkchop555 says:

An important saying to all people “never gonna give you up never gonna let you down”

Piggy Porkchop555 says:

Try 2x speed in comodos laugh



Poison XX says:

Hi ob

coolman22 2222 says:

were forza?

Liam Kelley says:

Can you play with gray still plays more

Hey There Its Grant says:

your the best!

Monster Pro says:

Oh thank you the youtube gods for such a good youtuber

All hail obesertins
All hail obesertins
All hail obesertins
All hail obesertins
All hail obesertins
Lol XD

Alex Monamochamuch says:

Rare breed of mocha dies off 1986 colorized 28:59

Lacey Obert says:

Ob how old is your channel

Dan Echols says:

demolition derbies are my favorite

Thucydides Antonio says:

Ob say to camodo u need boost

The Dark Eye Mobile says:

You uploaded this at exactly 12:00 o’ clock

flame king056 says:

32 like for me

Andrew Van says:

U r amazing

The Masonator says:

You did good beautiful ob and don’t forget Billy Bob

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