WINNING RARE RACE CARS?! – Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels DLC Gameplay Best Hot Wheels Racing Game

Welcome back to the best Hot Wheels Toy Race Game around! Today in Forza Horizon 3 Gameplay, we are winning rare racing cars while racing on the hot wheels tracks! Let’s keep this winning up and collect more awesome toy cars and hot wheels!

Welcome to The Best and Most Incredible Hot Wheels Racing Game ever! Forza Horizon 3 with the Hot Wheels DLC is something to be envious about. The Gameplay from this Hot Wheels DLC is some of the best I’ve ever experienced. During my Forza Horizon 3 Gameplay, I’ve had more fun with this Hot Wheels DLC then any of game thus far. I hope you guys stick around for this series, because this Forza Horizon 3 Gameplay which shows off this incredible Hot Wheels DLC is about to be on.

Please keep in mind that this Hot Wheels DLC Gameplay video is intended for kids. This youtube channel is Family Friendly and Kid Friendly, so remember that before commenting! Let’s keep YouTube safe for children and families! Thanks again for watching my Forza 3 gameplay!

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For the first time, we get to live out our imaginations of what it would be like to play a real life hot wheels toy game. This Hot Wheels DLC for Forza Horizon 3 has captured us with its incredible gameplay and quite difficult driving mechanics! The Hot Wheels Cars feel amazing, but it will take practice to learn to drive! These Hot Wheels DLC Tracks and Cars ain’t just toys, we gotta learn how to drive them!

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OB I have the same car as the one you started out with

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Ob I like you . Play hot wheels whith spy cake Ob play drive ahead OK

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. hey beautiful OB make some more Minecraft videos please

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On plz play more boat games

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The handling of lambo is not great

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Aww, you should have gotten the Reliant Supervan just for the comedy factor… 😛

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i love forza, brick rigs, tiny town, all those
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Naruto is fun to watch

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Hi on play brick rigs nnnooowwww!!!!! On. Ob do you like sb737 in YouTube on OK ob. You are cooollll!!!

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Hi O.B. you’ve been doing good so far. Good job.

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Sup ob your awsome keep up the great work

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Your my favourite channel

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Pretty LITTY Boi.

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