Trailmakers – Game Update New Race World! – Amazing Trailmakers Creations – Trailmakers Gameplay

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Intro: Odd Chap: Jams
Outro: JAWN


Gezral Retotal says:

Aerodynamics is needed in drag racing because it reduces drag

Calypso Valdez says:

Is it just me or does that eagle look like howard duck.

the blue creeper says:

pls play more scrap mechic

02flogrown04 says:

drea play with all of your friends again

Kanthas The Lord says:

Drae you should do The sound boom challange its too reach 1200 km in speed it’s realy cool

Ethan Foery says:


Night Watch says:

hehe Draegast

Jack Mangone says:

Not first

dyqqe says:

Free steam games from my humble monthly fellas. I already own some of them so these are free (no scam, it’s legits keys enjoy! 🙂 ) 0RW0B-P3PLP-G7QTP

Beagle 32 says:

0:24 racist.

Orion Vlachas says:

hi drae big fan of yours. i was just wondering how u import people blueprints. i have already tried, but it wont let me drag it out of the blueprint section. if u could help that would be awesome. keep up the good work

Anton Karlsson says:

You’re actually my favorite youtuber, love your content!

Juan Andira Ergatha says:

There is another track you missed

EragonTheDragon says:

Imma just say it honestly.. i would want to see more of the game and the gameplay, instead of going right onto creations… but hey… im a democratist (?)

Matthew Nunes says:

Can you put the links of the machines you are using in the description?

jace panda says:

sound braking barrier vehicle for the drag race

Death Plaza says:

He does not know how to fly Wow

superspider64 says:

what i think is funniest is how your design for the drag racer in game is pretty much 1-to-1 with how certain types of drag race cars look irl

Stokfiszu says:

This is the Best gamę on the chanel keep up a good work

Nate Huskey says:

Can someone tell me how to check the comments on my … comments plz

Anthony Evans says:

Love your videos Drae! You definitely deserve more subscribers

gvrry says:

now im intrigued. whats actually 9.444?

Kirill Arhipov says:

The first drag car was like the one from Sonic 😀

Reece Irwin says:


deluxeato162 407h2o says:

There is a new gyro copter in stranded deep

Vanessa Smith says:

is it going to be on xbox one ??? anyone

Tomas Swenton says:

10:33 Tries to respawn, *dies of a heart attack instead.*

Survival_ Titan says:

8=10 and aerodymamics

Mason Swarts says:

the little plane didnt work because the center of weight was in front of the center of lift to much

Diego Betancourt Angarita says:

When besiege and robocraft have a child

Exiles Opra says:

Pls more!!

TheRoyalBear Gaming says:

I love how draw always puts a good spin on things like “I love how it’s so bulky it lags my game” and “Its just so unique and interesting but finicky”

Crocogato r says:

what was the thing at 9:10 ?

Neon Bryan says:

Drae please play surviving mars

Mohamed Tarek says:

u r useing the small plane rong

Evan Aslinger says:

Do this map with the group

Olivier Vibila says:

Don’t stop being awesome, Drae!

Erick Varela says:

Play more astroneer


that was a pimpin front flip

beast says:

it was my birthday yesterday

riot sucks says:

How about some turmoil??

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