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Pepe The frog says:

Omg I just finished watching the new red read redemption 2 trailer it was one of your ads

Roland Gamez says:

Get a little dirty mav

KingBearRecks says:

Mav please keep doing this its my favorite series other than Fortnite, keep up to good work #Mav3riqFam

Aaron Nub says:

I love the gta races so much!

Caleb Tyner says:

I swear you can only get 4th

Quez 97 says:

That last race was great

SmartGUYcontrolzz A.T says:

That 2nd course was lit!!

Delaney Wilson says:

Early gang

thomas _dh_ says:

Mav you need to do a wheelie in the air with the bike, then You’re way faster. Like you need to hang upside down almost. And on the road too you need to do wheelies

Hubert Porteous says:

2 comment

Young Leek says:

Divide it by 2 Mav lmao

JohnnyTheDream says:

That move by me at 10:44 though!

camb brook says:

Mav really taken divide by two to heart

Invisible Dolphin says:

8:15 Mav, it was a matter of time it would happen. Also, I like these kind of races

YoSkippy PG says:


Frostbite Fury says:

Don’t say God,s name in vain

Ross Gardner says:

Why did he turn around he couldve still went the way he was bumped in

Kingdom Player says:

Mav went all the way from last to first

mwg220 says:

For anyone doubting the power of God, notice how Jimbo tried to hit Mav with the demonic windmill hack at 4:35 , but Jesus delivers and was like, “Nah Jimbo, miss Mav with that satanic ish.”

Melo Evans says:

Play rules of survival or ping mobile

Simeon Blair says:

Love the gta

Pharoah Grant says:

Man I cannot join your stream

TFV Son says:

Ninja stop being a little girl and take yo L

Hecter Numba9 says:

Stop dividing. U lost

Josue Mondesir says:

10 who comented

Andrew Ochoa says:

That 2nd track is dope as hell

thatboi_eli777 says:

another close one im still waiting for that 1st

KingBuddyPlayz says:

I got 4th place

Tiaré Mac Seóin says:

i think races are better without slipstream, otherwise there’s constant battle for 1st place, kind of annoying, u can never really take off.

Theresa Mims says:

sup man I’m on my grandmother phone and this is CJ

Hubert Porteous says:

! comment

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