The Crew 2 – Red Bull “F1” Formula 1 ALL RACE TRACKS GAMEPLAY!

The Crew 2 Formula 1 F1 Red Bull showing all closed circuit race tracks closed beta gameplay!
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Peak Racer says:

Laguna seca would make a good track
Maybe better than catalunya,australia and most importantly,monaco

Martin Steiner says:

The shifting sounds shit as hell

Little Light says:

Laguna seca wide as a highway smh , that is really pissing me off they messed up the corcscrew but why make the tracks so wide?

Robert Holiday says:

5th comment

Zephyr The Stig says:


Dragon Master says:

Hey Eric have you done and Niki Lauda’s Ferrari vs James Hunts McLaren in Forza??
If you do this, you HAVE to do the circuit battle at the Nürburgring Full circuit in the rain

ᴀʟɪ LuckyMeAL63 says:

I can’t remember if there was a Ferrari F1 in the car list like an SF71H or something

Starfire Storm says:

This version of the Corkscrew in Laguna Seca has to be the lamest one I’ve ever seen, they barely changed it from the flatass version of the first game

Francois Gonon says:

No halo?

SamJPC says:

Have you got any tips for the handling settings to make it not feel weird?

J Dabanks says:

Imagine having every car in the beta then having to redo it in the actual game

II McG II says:

Ericship 111 FTW. This guy rocks.

PiJaMazZ says:

What i think ita absolutily ridiculous is that the redbull haves fckng nitrous that is the dumbest thing ive ever saw


Does not Sound like an F1

Dan Arnets says:

#1 The Giants Racetrack is located EXACTLY where Sonoma Raceway should be. I am guessing that Ivory Tower tried to get it, the deal fell through and just created a track on that spot.
#2 Golden Hills was on The Crew and it has been completely refurbished. The original one was mostly hated by the community, specially because of the many hairpins.
#3 Little Eagle Speedrome was on The Crew and it has not been changed. Top-level circuit-spec vehicles used to be able to hit 250mph with nitro.
#4 The Jersey Racetrack is probably the dream of many motorsport promoters. A lot of wealthy individuals have tried to bring top-level motor racing to NYC, none have achieved that.
#5 The Long Island Speedrome was on The Crew and it has not been changed. It was never used for racing and it is still a piece of garbage.
#6 The Miami Racetrack is the substitute for Sebring International Raceway in The Crew 2. I read somewhere that the owners of Sebring weren’t exactly pleased with how their track was recreated. While in real life the track is on roads and airport runways, in the game it was pristine racing asphalt all around.

Hashem Kiwan says:


Moonman says:

They got rid of Sebring 🙁

F DiStefano says:

yes I know it’s arcade. But why is no one stating what is obvious- the physics are well shit. Try to drive on PC2 or Asetto like you do in the crew and you’ll see what I mean. I mean, first off the f1 car sounds like the dyson vacuum my brother had in his dorm room. Lol it literally slides around and fishtails I mean cmon. If ppl say we shouldn’t judge the game bc it’s in beta then stop making a big deal and a]saying how innovative the game is when you could do most of this in test drive and test drive 2. Clearly, they aren’t going to change the physics MR. IT’S AN ARCADE (not anyone specific) but still the physics are just so unrealistic, even for the classic arcade excuse in place of learning how to drive or code a proper engine. and youtubers like slap train convincing his viewers that it’s the shininess of the cars that makes a game realistic and not the physics; that’s how you know there’s an issue with the racing game community. Now I know it’s not a popular opinion, but I’ve been doing SIM racing for about 10 years and I’m 18 now and I have an immense satisfaction in that I thought myself the ins and outs of racing, tuning, lines etc. stuff you don’t get from games like this or really most modern racing games. Aside from Assetto, automobilista, PC2 (YEAH not the mos SIM product out there still good tho)

CaRtOoNiC AN8N9E says:

Lol early squad where you at?

Gary Clark III says:

Why are the tracks so lazily done? Latina is not that wide at all, and the corkscrew looks pathetic. Come on Ubi

Vfor Vendetta says:

Barely any elevation change so far hopefully they improve that in the final release version

Heel Race Driver says:

Laguna Seca is the only real circuit in the game. Unless if you find the street layout of circuits like Long Beach

B Colvin says:

The Red Bull F1 sounds like shit, even if it isn’t an F1 game.

Ga55a 2003 says:

Dammit Eric, u beat me to it

murilo bom says:


Linfitz07 says:

Without actually hating the game: I need to say that I get some kind of nails-on-a-cholkboard-feeling every time I see a F1 car drift. (which happens alot in this game. :/)

Michael Tackett says:


Don't be mad because I game on a 55 inch 4K says:

Doesn’t show you using the same view as the video pic. Clickbait

Everton Andrade says:

this game is crazy, thinking that anytime you want you can just set your gps to the nearest race track and then spend some time training is absolutely awsome, never seen that before

ItsFabioGames says:

Cool video mate!

motor racing says:

Two quick questions! Does this game have an offline mode similar to GTA V? I hated playing the first game and being harrassed by ppl who loved ramming their cars into mine. Also do they still have the military base? Thanks for the uploads!!!

NormalRice GT says:

The stupidest thing in this game is the shift sound like its sound like someone is laughing

LegendarySnipez 7000 says:

I’m a big fan of f1

Jiayun Li says:

Dat understeer

O1g Pro says:

How to know if your an idiot

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Raghunandan Vijayasarathi says:


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