The Crew 2 – Fully Upgraded 315mph 2017 Ford GT Snow Race Gameplay + Perfect Tuning

The Crew 2 LV320 702 horsepower fully upgraded widebody 2017 Ford GT Snow Race Gameplay in Latrell’s Car Part 1 (Las Vegas to Los Angeles Race) and Part 2. Achieved a slipstream top speed of 315mph/507kmh at Bonnevile Salt Flats. Also included the perfect tuning setup to share.
Played with keyboard, manual transmission.

From now on, I’ll be using Latrell’s Car Part 2 as a lap time comparison in The Crew 2 for Hypercars.

Players in this video:

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0:06 – 315mph/507kmh Ford GT slipstream top speed run.
0:55 – Ford GT stats, tuning and parts
1:42 – Latrell’s Car Part 1 Snow Race (Las Vegas to Los Angeles)
11:12 – Latrell’s Car Part 2 (Los Angeles Race)
15:30 – Lap Times

2017 Ford GT Hypercar performance review:
I highly recommend in using my tune or tuning the car because the default tuning is pretty bad that made the car an understeery trash.
To be honest, not much to say as it’s pretty similar performance wise with the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4.

It has similar cornering as the Koenigsegg Regera but with much worse acceleration. It’s pretty weak. Half the horsepower of the Regera at 702hp vs 1609hp, half the acceleration.

The only good thing about the Ford GT is it’s brakes. It’s probably one of the top when it comes to braking power.


Abnormal_ Psycho says:

So… is this game worth It? I want some other game other than fortnite and rocket league

suseka says:

i think your captured video quality isnt very good.most of the clip is blurry as hell

Parsifal says:


NTH THN says:


BlueberriMuffinz says:

Hey bro could you do a mclaren p1 tune please thanks

ryan williams says:

I have a question Why you use slipstream idiot? go right and dont use it

DJ Mechanical T-Rex says:

What’s that song that started Playing during the race?

Ali Ekber Korkmaz says:

14:40 holy shit the yellow t-shirted guy just a s c e n d e d

Vladimir Trukhaev says:

Can you do the GT 2005 next please?

Eugene List says:

old nfs music <3

George Quattrovalvole says:

Snow in if that might happen!?

louis chim says:

0:57 is that Forza Logo?

Zip Zap says:

0:54 I love how it has the Forza Motorsport vinyls.. I thought that would only be seen in that game.

劉崧涵 says:

I should ask you about this earlier, does this game’s handling feels similar to, or reminds you of NFS MW and Carbon? At least that is the case for me.

LeCastleIniy says:

Sintez group Ford GT

I Trap For Fun says:

Your driving is just beautiful to look at lol

Jonathan Tan says:

That’s a nice Hot Wheels livery alright – pretty surprised to see it in TC2. 😛

theddfreak says:

This game or nfs payback? Please answer. Thanks!

Kyre Edwards says:

Bro when u make these videos “no offense” but it feels like u showing off ur 300+ mph cars #itsnotfair

爱德华·爱德华 says:

let us know this viper’s set

Rahshaud Taylor says:

This game looks lit I don’t go based off reviews cause it’s their opinion not mines

Win3Apollo says:

Hey MSWGR, what are the best events for each spec and vehicle to grind on?

L.C. 21 says:

we need more rival battles

ItzChilz says:

Any guides and tunes for street cars?

Would love to see a 911 turbo tune as it’s my favourite right now

Excellent vid as always!

Olle Persson says:

The aston martin zagata i bought and i think its almost good as the hurucan could you test it?

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