The Crew 2 FREE-ROAM Gameplay | Race HQ, Map, Drift, Handling & More!

I went behind the scenes with The Crew developers at Ubisoft’s E3 to get hands on with The Crew 2. I got a lot of information from them and had to share! There’s SO much more to come!
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Paul Hord says:

is there still gonna be motorcycles?

AK1504 says:

I started playing the crew again because of the rewards program. 18 cars for the crew 2 🙂

MrAdamFC says:

This would be mint if they rebranded it as a Driver game. The switch mechanic reminds me of the coma ability in that game. I wonder if you can exploit the ability though.So if I’m failing a race can I just switch to a plane to over take the other competitors and then switch back near the finish line to win ?

yayayaydj says:

Who else thinks they should bring back the midnight club series

Nicholas TJR says:

What happens when you fly a plane into one of the buildings? Do jet fuel melt steel beams?

The MonkeyFace says:

Do u when the beta release date is

felipe malhame says:

Michael Jackson, is you?

zombie maniac gamer says:

hopfully old mucil cars

Kyle Soler says:

I hope that spec kits (street, circuit, raid etc) are still In the game.

Tushar Shankar says:

11:53 that landing though!! Awesome

FrayroTV says:

3:53 I’m already fucking disappointed… 0 new cities…

sgtbabaluk says:

controller mapping?

AshleyNyu says:

This is fucking awesome xD

Donoven Francis says:

They should add more variety to the AI cars before release it would add some more variety and add to the emersion factor

Jon Earwood says:

One thing I’ve noticed you haven’t don’t the slr mclaren circuit spec in the crew yet

mattsa pic says:

very intrigued with the crew 2.  NFS not impressed so far and if i take into account the previous NFS that game was a huge let down.

Remus Botarel says:

Guys remember, Ubisoft downgrade

Unique 786 says:

Could someone subscribe to me. I will subscribe back

Aussie Pyro says:

I hope theres a larger verities of cars this time around

XxTacoRuni187 xX says:

map looks exactly the same size

Luis Gabriel Negron says:

this guy just said boats are floaty? no shit sherlock

mono5039 says:

I can’t decide which game to get first nfs payback or the crew 2 I’m mainly looking for a game that has good sounds for the cars but is freeroam but I’m loving the way the crew 2 is looking I loved 1 didn’t mind nfs 2015 but loved fh3 and the crew more I just hope this isn’t gonna be a Ubisoft downgrade

Oscar Ljungberg says:

as long as all of the specs from the first Crew game exists there, you know… street spec, dirt spec, performance spec, offroad spec, and track spec, as long as they exist in Crew 2, I will be more than happy. ~

ytrew32 mortar says:

HELL;LLL YEAAAAAA!!!! ITS THE ENTIRE USA!!! i was scared it was going to oly be in new york

Ian heinhuis says:

Do you know that in the launch trailer at 1:15 stand BlackPanthaa. At
live share 3 video from the richt top

GuineaFridge says:

I like the look of the game but they really need to fix that render distance.

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