The Crew 2 Touring Car Multiplayer Circuit Race Gameplay with the Ferrari 488 GT3! In this video I explain how the cars feel and what customizations can be done to the cars.
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Draco XD says:

Can you race bikes with cars?

The Speedster Brickster says:

The Nissan GTR next pls

Tommy Broadbent says:

So the 458 will be free if you own TC1 but how much will the 488 be or was that a typo?

beckenbauer 420 says:

They need snowmobiles in the game

Essenel says:

I would love to see the Sebastien Loeb Peugeot 308 Pikes Peak edition as a touring car. It would be such an exotic car !

(And by talking about it, a Pikes Peak track would be insane)

Driftz says:

honestly i prefer the looks of golden hills in the original crew

Yaya Benani says:


Durrie Weaver says:

Just one more month… I CANT WAIT

CarlRaven91 says:

I loved the Circuit-Spec cars in The Crew 1! Hope they bring in more Touring Cars post-release!

ᴀʟɪ LuckyMeAL63 says:

I love games that make no sense cuz they can inspire people creative!

Ebeger Dumay says:

You for real gonna roast forza horizon 3 like that

LegendarySnipez 7000 says:

How do you record games that haven’t came out? That’s my question

Bogdan Virijevic says:

pozz me

James Avent says:

Is Crew 2 wheel compatible?

TheRealMrNoFace 101 says:

Wheel support?

Hamid Gaming says:


letaros says:

Finally someone with hands on the game that drives properly. Nice vid, can you see if there are any camera settings?

Kerr Wilson says:

Hi you make good videos

BOURNE15ive says:

The handling on these Track Based Cars are brilliant.

Great video man.

Danny says:

What does it mean by promo is that car along with other cars that say promo exclusive or….

vera hudson says:


HooniganR34 says:

this is gonna be so fun. Imagine the amount fo challanges u can creat with ur friends, top gear style, just thinking about it makes me even more hyped . thank you for the footage m8 I really appreciate it.

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