THE BLIND RACE! – Scrap Mechanic Multiplayer Monday Gameplay – EP 239

THE BLIND RACE! – Scrap Mechanic Multiplayer Monday Gameplay – EP 239

Welcome back to Multiplayer Monday in Scrap Mechanic! Today’s challenge is the blind race. We will pair up in teams and build 4 cars with a box you can’t see out of. One person drives in first person while the other spots for the driver. We then swap out at the mid point of the race.

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GamerNot Foundroblox says:

do 3 challenges at the monster jam arena

rEtRo_sPexX says:

Loved it guys, hilarious stuff!!! Welcome back Camodo!

BEANY BOY123 says:

do you use a keyboard or a controller?

Maxi Milian says:

Double Intro, that’s a new one

Orson Jarrett says:

It’s a blind race. All his lights will blind you.

killerbish ! says:

camodo gaming nice video and are there any little channels here?

Dustin Vernall says:


Ajax Anderson says:

Camodo you four build monster trucks all mods no thrusters one wheel no glitches besides spring turning and on multiplayer Monday race them with scrap man you Moonbo and kan please take my suggestion thanks

Christian Pickens says:

Can you do a normal race were you just build a car and race them

Louise Green says:

why did you do your intro 2 times

Ghostbuster 1337 says:

Is the intro messed up?

Golden RHINO says:

Hey camodo can I join your multiplayer Monday or like that please?

Prided_playz roleplay's and more says:

Camodo you put 2 intros in ,also next challenge could be ATV-All terrain vehicle challenge

dhani 421 says:

2:52-2:55 camodo is triggered

Logan Martin says:

Ah… Somehow I forgot this would be uploaded today!

Marcus8048 says:

Did you edit while you were blind so the intro got double?

TCC505 says:

Golden Gaming says:

I would make it self driving or have a digital screen that takes pictures (censors) and reflects them onto those logic blocks 🙂

Kavin Quinn says:

Hey camodo, there is a game on the Google play store and it is called Mechanic vehicles scrape build. It has your picture of the bank in the town.

ThemeParkAdventures01 says:

Good video camodo, sorry I was late to the video!

Moonbo says:

Video so good it needs 2 intros! Great playing with you as usual Camodo!

AimShootFire says:


Matthew Egger says:

hi comodo nice video

Acrain7 Games says:

you know what you should do, do the same thing but with sensors that activate lights or logic gates or something, and everyone has their own car 😀

Trevin Guidry says:

face wow

Camodo Gaming says:

I somehow coped the intro twice :). Double the greatness I guess! I hope you enjoy the video.

Borgathgold says:

You deserve WAY more subs camodo

Zennia Nacario says:

Uhh camodo where u blind by doing ur intro twice?? And i watched Scrap Mans vid first and it was so funny #HAHA!!

Golden RHINO says:

Hey camodo can I join your multiplayer Monday? If it can’t is ok

Derpy GamingHD says:

Camodo 😀

TheRealcooljzjm says:

LOL the start

Golden RHINO says:

Hey camodo can I join your multiplayer Monday or like that please?

Aidyn Henry says:

do more scrap mecanic

GamerNot Foundroblox says:

9th like 56th view 5th comment

Emu says:

Nice tash cammodo

Scorpiotopaz117 Playz says:

do a challenge were everyone is in one vehicle and you have to control the turning of one tire

dhani 421 says:

dafuq?double intro?

Scorpiotopaz117 Playz says:

you should’ve added Kans view in the video

The G Ster Productions says:

o my goodness I keep laghing because of your expressions in you face

Andrew Craig says:

Helooooooooo! Me knot no hou too spel! Also what happned with the intro?

finncheese gaming says:

Do a bus challenge Where you need 15 or 20 seats And try to go up the moutain

Virgil Pino says:

Camodo whats with the double intro?

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