Super Street The Game BETA race gameplay footage, showing the initial tutorial and circuit races you will encounter within the game.


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Zwebo says:

You have me sold

I buy it!
And now that i have a new PC, The PC Steam version is going to be it!

dustojnik hummer says:

Is it really releasing in 10 days??

Der Fegelein says:

This game is looking beautiful

Marcelo Guia says:

Man, this looks so much better than the trailer made it look… The cars actually look and sound like they have quite a bit of grip when driven properly.
Btw you deserve way more than just 800 views… I guess we can thank Theo for this…
His funny moments aren’t bad, but he needs to stop trying to informative and explain game design to people…

PandyTim BR says:

Man I hope they don’t change the collision phisics they are hilarious sometimes (when we get flying cars) the game reminds me of juiced 2. I’m definitely buying this.

JustDaz says:

If the company tweaks the world and a few more things, we could have the potential of a new racing IP.

Jacky You says:

It needs more camera movement .
I think it’s a good way to get the scene of speed right , for example, making the camera far from the car when it at high speeds and put it closer from car when it slows down or crashes into other cars . I think nfs has always done a great job in making the speed feels right. The run and pro street are the best example


Awesome Video, too bad the game looks boring to me, but to each there own. enjoy the game, but i wont be purchasing this.

Jsun Barry says:

Those graphics in 2018?!??? Cmon man looks like an iPad game. Customisation is dank tho.

RedEtoGear says:

Could you do a side by side comparison with NFS underground1/2

KRIBZ 45 says:

Lmao this looks terrible hahah

Lee Manning says:

No in car view ?


Physics looking pretty damn good

kevanharriskh55 says:

Bourne, is it 30 or 60 FPS? Xbox1X ps4 P?

GT-APEX says:

Cool but this better be priced right, if its higher than £35 they can fuck off

Total Equinox says:

Still looks bad

J H says:

The IDEA is cool. But the product doesnt hit the bullseye where it needs to be. Graphics, graphics, graphics, graphics, etc.

SilverSky1610 says:

The game doesn’t look and feel right to me the graphics are extremely bad for a 50$ game and the physics look wacky and stupid i really wished this game would turn out good but idk after this.

RuggeD says:

If they’ll try to sell this for more than $20, I don’t think it’s going to do well…

JumpstyleTV says:

People think the game only has 8 cars because Blackpanthaa told everyone it did.

Awkward Cake says:

Can you only have one car

Romano Moli says:

Lets sum it all up in one word:


S J says:

graphics should not be old school. its not 2003, its 2018. it needs to be less muddy, blurry, and basic. the cars and the garage looks great but the environments are bit uninspired. If you peds and traffic are added like in mcla, gta with more detail, it will be much nicer. also the ui looks a bit too basic. It would be great at 20, like ea originals games. Sounds need to pop more, and sound good, with varying exhaust pops, gear shift sounds and so on. we need a driver character model in the car while driving too. all in all, there is potential!

Nilda C says:

SS THE GAMES Beta XBOX ONE S and PS4 ?????????????

random homer says:

The only thing i REALLY like are the damage models. Not saying its a bad game – its a really good first try – but it feels too empty and lackluster

Bautista Vazquez says:

Why does the car sound like a shit box rattling I have a mk4 Jetta this is suppose to be a mk4 golf I am guessing and I already wanna rip my ears off just saying

Rafael Ferraz says:

Actually looks pretty damn solid, just those effects, nitro, ehh

failed 20021 says:

This game seems more of a proof of concept than a full game. But it does have a ton of potential.

Brian Scofield says:

Need a bit more WEEEE improvement otherwise it doesn’t look that bad so far
Damage system is kinda egh

Aku says:

I’m sorry…but did I actually see you were able to turn WITHOUT brake to drift??…..Bless these developers.

Bau Cooperativo Social says:

The Shatter effect used in car – to break parts – its fine.
Its a good idea to add the option to Turn ON or OFF the visual damage. Why?
Sometimes, your baby is so sexy, so awesome, you dont want to see one single scratch, dent or missing part…
Anyway, my body is ready! Come on SSG.

Earnett Cain Jr says:

Actually doesn’t seem too bad Tbh. Super arcadey but the customization seems preety dope. If it’s affordable I’ll get it. Not a $60 game but 20-30 bucks and I’ll check it out

The other "No" dude says:

The engine sounds like it came straight from Rocket League.

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