Gang Beasts Gameplay by @DionDoes
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KingSavage TV says:

on PS4

Clarence Smith Jr says:

i full bad for wifey

Mr.MarleyThomas says:

lasman is a cry baby she needs to take all her Ls like a grown woman not a newborn baby thats only ben alive for 1 second

Bailey Beuning says:

how wifey gonna talk crap when Trent gets a legit dub and She can’t even score 1 point. wifey wish she was that dope #teamtrent

Miguel Davila says:

Part of me is bored of this series but the other part of me still clicks, watches and enjoys the whole video every time I see a new one of these specifically. (Hopefully you don’t take that as rude lmao)

Tyrone Johnson says:

Team Trent stand the fluff up #TeamTrent

sportsKid says:

do more of this and the obstacle course again

Derek Maynez says:

Great Vid! A lot of laughs!!

DevinBottles says:

Yall honestly need a bigger couch

Jayon Martin says:

i dont mean to spamm but i think this game is really fun an will fit the family beatdown series good once again i dont mean to spam but i think the game is fun and its for four players

Danilo Jovović says:

Yall should do a throwback and play Crash Bash on ps1, it would be so much fun

Chandler Fogler says:

#teamtrent W

Jayon Martin says:

plz get speed runner for family beatdown

king p says:


TheLegendaryTiger says:

Trent should of lost a point cause he was going to the covayor belt while mav was leaving it

Gaming with Alex says:


KingSavage TV says:

does anyone know how to get Gang Beast

Demond Johnson jr says:

more gang beats please

keonkortez14 says:

16:26 wtf yoooo Trent died for like 20 seconds. He woke up when jazmin started hating

Myles F says:

Mav Should have lost a point because he grabbed Trent before he was on that course

Money Water says:

Best part of the video is 18:27

michael smith says:

I had the same reaction as them at 7:18

kiyear cooper says:

Do this more it really funny

Shane Alford says:

aye man I love what Yall r doing keep it up I no 4 a fact that I can always count on Trent of mav 2 make me laugh both of Yall r the homies

BlueFire 1398 says:

16:24 Did this ninja just fall asleep in mid speech

Jayon Martin says:

get speed runners for family beatdown

Jayon Martin says:

get speedrunners for family beatdown

Ocean says:

mav is underrated

Dylan C says:

wifey just salty because she got the big L

Tristan Costa says:

Can someone send me a video or tell me how to get this game

jj johnson says:

team Trent let’s get ittttttttttt!

Eddie_ Number_ 5 says:

Hope one of you guys see these but this is one of the funniest videos I’ve if not the funniest

Cavs Nation 23 says:

Jasmine needs to stop acting tough cuz she’s not she’s not even cool

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