RANDOM VEHICLE SWAP RACE! WORST IDEA EVER!!! – Scrap Mechanic Multiplayer Challenge Gameplay

RANDOM CAR SWAP RACE! – Scrap Mechanic Multiplayer Challenge Gameplay

Welcome back to Multiplayer Monday in Scrap Mechanic! Today’s challenge is the random car swap race. We will 12 minutes to build a random vehicle. During the build process we will have to swap garages every 3 minutes. After that we randomly draw cars that we will have to race with.

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Last Episode (Underwater Base Episode 2): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7rylY8N284

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Drew allen says:

I was your 100 like

The D3AD STUNTER says:

Commodores army is #1

gameboys says:

Do viewer creation battle

Fire Foxinventor says:

Comodo I thought you would look like scrap man a little bit, but your still AWESOME

the last hokage says:

Nice luv ur vids comodo

Donegan Ragone says:

I’ve been watching you since 200 subs and its been great to see you grow can’t wait to see were you’ll go next because I know your going places!

Jr Gross says:

how bout you make a food you drive and race

BlackCat says:

MAKE A DEFORMATIONABLE CAR RACE (sorry, if i wrote something wrong…) [you know, car which can deform]

QuantumRealm says:

I put the pizzas on it!
-Camodo Gaming 2017

Matthewsworld says:

Great vid as always! very creative idea for the challenge too!

Norfigamer says:

I was so close on commeting where is the relaxing music and speed up? but it came! 😀

Striker 24 says:

Most random video ever

George Doremus says:

are pizzas your mark?

Omar Mahin says:

<3 ur videos.That was a funny video ;)

Jakeywins says:

Hi camodo can I have a shoutout it’s my birthday

Jackson Shivers says:

Awesome video

RusticGamer 59 says:

fucking hell did u listen to scrapman he said no destroying anyone else’s build and u put pizza on all of them (destroying wheels)

Hunt3r Gaming says:

You should do a space race where u have to build a rocket with no glitches and the first person to reach the skybox wins and u also get voted on by the audience for looks.

Keep up the great work Camodo. Please read my suggestion first.

RifleRud says:

Haha, this was a fun episode xD

Kool Kyurem25 says:

Do a drift race. Ya gotta make a car that can drift and you have to make a really tight course and have to drift around it. If you don’t drift around a corner, you’re disqualified

yannick siebelink says:

he has a metallica shirt, i just love you more #MetallicaArmy

XteamGaming says:

If i could build in scrap mechanic i would build a drive able version of your logo.

Hunter Woodbrey says:

Do a mad max racing challenge.

outstanding gaming says:

early but

Irish Patato says:


Logan Martin says:

Why is it always camodo who gets stuck on the example? Either way they are hysterical!

Victor José says:

play more rev headz

Ghostbuster 1337 says:

When the rule lets u guys go crazy……

FlamingLuke Gaming says:


Dubstep Gaming says:


Camodo Gaming says:

I hope you guys enjoy our most random race yet! What kind of challenges would you like to see next?

Mr Keipster says:

You are awsome and stay with the facecam

Matthew Egger says:

Hi camodo I like the drum beat car

outstanding gaming says:

i already watched this video of scrap man and congratulations you win

Minecraft Mania y says:


Blake Hobbs says:

Great vid. It was hilarious!

TBNRnaaih says:

Love the video camodo
Keep up the great work ❤️

Kareth says:

Who recommended this challenge?

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