RACING FOR PINK – Wheelhaus Gameplay

I will save you the time so you don’t have to go digging like I did to only realize you knew the answer all along. I think I mostly wanted to be wrong at this point. I’m too far gone. Just like my oldest, older, and ten minute older twin brother, I too am long gone. It was Treecko and Dewott; that’s who was sixty nining.

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William Campbell says:

I like the skits but this one didn’t land

LudaChez says:

Lawrence trailer voice is amazing. And anything with Jon is a gift. Can’t get enough Jon.

Spagootios says:

You can really tell that they’ve started putting more work into their videos :’)

PapaBojanglez says:

Blue shift needs to be a real funhaus show

Serene Doge says:

Can’t wait for “Blue Shift 3: First Blood Part Two; The Krautening” Starring Jacob as Youngest Brother

Justin J Pagan says:

Funboyz lmao? what

iamanonion says:

Top notch editing. Really enjoying the cut aways from game play in this one and on Alekhine’s gun.

Shaun S says:

11:45 Headphones are a must.

LackofEthics says:

So how many of these have they got recorded? Enough until April?

SageDemonFox says:

Wait …….. did Funhaus just write the script for Speed Racer?

Anime King says:

All of these live action skits lately are great. Does any other channel do that? I think not.

YouSoSpice says:

Days of Thunder 2: Blue Shift

Daniel Arriola says:

Blueshift funhaus movie?

ThePeoplesChamp says:

What’s the green website called?

Steven Kaiser says:

It’s ty the Tasmanian tiger @funhaus

mort nort says:

i cant believe i watched funhaus look at hetalia porn in 2018

PizzaDrewus Recs says:

Wow, can’t believe I slept on this video for two days. Was the editor just really inspired, or is this the quality jump they were talking about at the beginning of the year? The world may never know.

Jerrod Rivas says:

Ive loved these little out of office cut awaya. They are hilarious.

creecarrie says:

ah self driving car how cute… our car tuRNS INTO BIRD

Ashraf Abdillah says:

I think I’m one of the few inside-gaming immigrants who love the skits.

souza says:

These live action bits look forced imo

Truckin Convoy says:

Laurence is actually Biracial German and South Korean

BIHfolife1 says:

Let me see your papers

LudaChez says:

I really wonder if there is an age difference with who likes the skits. I love them. I love so many of these themed videos with skits. Surfers vs Skaters was amazing to me. Weed shop with Tugg. getting up Marc ecko. I am 33 years old. Anyone else my age hate it? Is it a young thing? They have proven Funhaus does best with people like 23 years plus… I’m legit curious.

N3RD says:

Treeko and Marshstomp?


Treeco and mudkip are the ones 69ing

William S says:

The live action parts really don’t work for me. It just feels like you’re trying too hard to get laughs, but that’s not what makes funhaus great. It’s the improv and how you react to the gameplay. I prefer the bad photoshop cut-aways much more.

Martin Fernandez says:

Pikachu is banging dragon gao from future card buddyfight

Wha Wha says:

What was the neon soul music video

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