When asked recently how he felt about giving up the role of Wolverine in X-Men in order to focus on Mission Impossible 2, Dougray Scott became so upset he nearly dropped the “Discount Mattresses” sign he was twirling right into a storm drain.

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Robert J says:

My Google Home was going nuts this whole episode. I think I need to move it away from my living room.

Kaio Oliveira says:

Metallica AND Funhaus? Hell yeah

Gustavo Metzker says:

My favourite Youtube channel mentioned James Murphy, my one and only God! I AM TRULY BLESSED!!!

Tobin Law says:

If I ever meet Lawrence in person I am going to ask him for that mysterious “gabba” music.

Scott Castillo says:

Am I insane or did they already do an episode on this map where they asked google to play songs

Ay Mike says:

lmao when Elyse did the voice as the lawyer my first thought was Joe pesci from My Cousin Vinny.

Dave L says:

I don’t know why but I feel like if Funhaus started a bike gang in GTA that would be wicked hahaha

Nick Frollo says:

Oh christ… James likes Family Force Five? Yucky.

ScireSpire says:

Too bad about Robert Miles.

The other song is ‘Fable’

Brad Campion says:

Hey Bruce, if I buy you a ticket will you come watch Reel Big Fish here in my hometown?

Adam Gerrard says:

It’s been awhile I laughed this hard at a funhaus vid

Shay says:

who even is Robert Miles

Kiafry Kyle says:

Is Google a new Funhaus member?

IDon'tKnowWhatToCallMyselfSoIWillJustDoThis xD says:


para mediccine says:

how is it that every single one of them knows exactly what the other is talking about? actors, tv series, songs. I have no idea what in the fuck theyre talking about, every single reference…………

Xanegoh says:

I agree with them. listening to live versions suck. it’s not the same if you’re not actually at the concert.

The8347135 says:

Last time I was this early Google was just a search engine

JesterFace05 says:

No Google the other Robert Miles song!
(Children plays)

PartyPat says:

This video had my google home going crazy. Its like a new dimension of entertainment, like smell-o-vision!

MrNiC0S says:

Didin’t know Bruce knew hardstyle!

Jordanian Arabian PRINCE says:

nice google home ad

Justin Jones says:

Man I love that Metallica song

Kyle Cooper says:

Take a look around by limp bizkit was my first too

Fmily says:

I already have gavin singing Breakfast at Tiffanie as my ring tone and now I want to have funhaus singing it as my ring tone. Make it happen people!

Mr. Jack A$$ says:

2:27 IDK why but this makes me horny…

Mattron says:

my phone started playing children! lolol

sample text says:

First song downloaded illegally: hey there delieghlah on limewire v.1. Accidentally downloaded “orgasm to hey there Delilah”. I was like 7. I listened to the entire track and had no idea why there was moaning and grunting. Didn’t learn what the word orgasm meant until like the 6th grade years later.

Yo Dawgz Gaming says:

Lawdog sharing music on his phone will never not be painfully awkward.

Ryan Moore says:

Y’all set off my phone like six times.

PhappingCamel says:

I’m so glad James knew that family force five song

Shawn Carnes says:

so after taking about 4 months off of watching these guys the first video i watch when i come back is mocking a guy who died from cancer. im glad nothing changed! time to catch up on videos

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