Race to Obscurity – GTA 5 Gameplay

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“Hey there, Gerard. Real sorry to hear about your house. How you holding up?”
“Aacchh. Me hoose wuz ayverythang to meh. All me kilts n’ haggis pots, barrned in thuh flames!”
“Well if you would just let me book you that “Ugly Truth” sequel with Katherine Heigl, you could afford to rebuild in no time!”
“I think I’ll just sleep ‘n thuh wee pile o’ ashes.”

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Solitudious says:

is wolverine highlandeR?


That jacket

The Hundredth Monkey says:

the war against Socialism*

Matt Willis says:

How dare you. The bass is the instrument of the gods

JayGellati says:

Dam the hate on Drake got corny real quick. But then again you guys don’t season your chicken :/

MikeVicksDogFarm says:

You guys’ whine about being poor but post pictures of your cars..

Jack Hill says:

as a Scottish dude. hearing Adam do the accent is just perfect :’)

Degree23 says:

Sonic slowed down to help Pikachu

Douglas Rosa says:

There was a Parappa The Rapper spiritual successor on Kickstarter last year called Rap Rabbit.

layerdballoon says:

Nikki sixx is a amazing basist

Dylan Bloomfield says:

I like Emma stone


pçay hitman absulution serie

Jergen says:

Adam was on fuckin’ fire

Adrian Dangerous says:

You have both ruined and improved Highlander forever!

Bearable 124 says:

This is my comment.

Zac Tha Casbah says:

This one is a gem for sure

Shane Flett says:

*practicing bass*
“no.. the most unfeminen instrument is the bass, we all know it..”
*Puts down bass and starts to rethink life choices*

spissy spose says:

No matter how much alanah and Adam want RDO to replace GTAO it won’t ever happen

Snikpoh 1390 says:


Bruce you drive a Dodge Demon dude. That’s a 120k car.

Load555 says:

What kind of poor person drives a $85k dodge demon like Bruce does?

Kevin And His Car says:

Is it just me or is this like the third time this video has been uploaded? Are we being trolled?

David Fuentes says:

Within the first minute, maybe the single greatest callback in youtube history, Brett Spider. Thank you

GRYPHOmn says:

How do you feel about the 4th silent hill movie

szalma94 says:

Everyone saying that Gerard Butler should just buy another house and stop crying but he lost valuable family possessions, memories and and other personal stuff that are gone forever so it sucks for everyone all the same.

akulahirpada1993 says:

Holy hell that bass part is real risky lol.

tokionovaloid says:

Lawrence’s hair looks pretty nice

Craving Serenity says:

That jacket looks so damn cool on lawdawg 😀

guyyouseewhenyoudie says:

Wait, what’s the word Lawrence is saying that gets censored? I feel like it’s obvious and I’m just being dumb.

Bakerman is Bakin Bread says:

Why are they always so hostile to other people in the lobby?

JValentino says:

you guys have to play this game! I guaranteed you wont be disappointed! Game: The You Testament .

thetruecish says:

We’re not supposed to use the “R” word? Tell that to the rest of the internet.

B. Mike says:

How does Lawrence not know it snows after 4 years


>”Furries and juggalos are our allies against fascism”
> * laughs in Nazi *

Christopher Cabral says:

I’ve never masturbated to Emma stone before….bucket list ✔

Nikki Rodriguez says:

*Gerarld Butlers son* “I’ll come chill… once I’m over the case”

Adam Laffleur says:

Ah, how the times have changed.

Adrian Daniel says:

After two weeks on vacation, I’m glad I chose this video to watch in my efforts to “catch up” on different channels. Hilarious as always.

sarajade86 says:

Hilarious. Gerard Butler jokes. Spot on.

NursKul says:

Flee use to be in a punk rock band called FEAR.
Yeah, that song “I Love Living in the City”, yeah that band!

Jp Graham says:

I fucking died when they searched Highlander.

Jack Badassson says:

What word lawrance used?

StarvingGeek says:

is this a re upload?

chromefinch says:

What word? What word is getting bleeped?

eWizard says:

I can’t believe you guys derailed James from talking about Emma Stone being nude in her new movie. Wtf

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