“Speed is killing it at the box office. How about for the sequel we put them on a boat?”
“You know boats go like half as fast as a bus, right?”
“We could subtitle it ‘Cruise Control’.”
“What happened to us?”

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Yoko the Coca Man says:

“Your character looks like Danzig with aids”

“Close, its tom cruise from mission impossible 2”

Kiefer S says:

Geoff still has stories about running over animals. What the fuck man, just stop.


That Geoff scream zoom in followed by the Bruce laugh zoom in made me spit my lunch all over my car.

_rmaze_ Quiambao says:

name entered in drawing for ticket

Padraic Register says:

Oh fuck yes, stories from Geoff are great, but Army stories are better

vodahmin says:

*call 1-800-867-5309*
_for a free sweater_

Jacob C. says:

Was Geoff a grunt? If so, fuck yeah.

Robert Manea says:

MLGeoff is the best

Mr. RunningMan says:

That is one of the greatest thumbnails I have ever seen

Steven Hoppe says:

Y’all should hire this Geoff guy!

Tyler Costlow says:

Still loving that Vegeta wallpaper, guys.

sev_07 says:

I feel bad for the guy who owned the goats in Geoff’s story. 🙁

Masterdude94 says:

Lol you can’t redeem a scratch off ticket from a different state, so unless you live in Texas, you cant get the money.

kingjacoblear says:

I was literally about to start a long, ranting comment about these guys forgetting Hancock, but my bro Elyse had my back.

AScotty916 says:

Danzig =an overrated pussy who makes terrible music

TheGhostsSoul says:

I’m laughing so hard before even watching the video just because the thumbnail is pure fucking art.

CrunkGod says:

Wow Funhaus you should hire Geoff

Jessey Essiambre says:

This Geoff guy is funny. I think he should have his own channel.

junoho 757 says:

what happened to 2 uploads a day??

Cody fall says:

geoff looks like my brother jeff

Teej says:

Geoff looks like Dan Auerbach

Sammie1053 says:

When I saw the thumbnail, I seriously thought, “wow, Bones looks OLD”

miguel bueno says:


HeavyC89 says:

That was more Thomas the tank engine than free willy

James Pires says:

Speed 2 is a much better movie than speed, it has Bruce Wallace as the lead

Dusan Divic says:

geff is cool

Codie Edwards says:

Geoff should be called DNGeoff

Michael Baecker says:

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SomeRandomDoctor says:

I’ve won stuff from a scratch off like 3 times and they do it twice before the video? riprip.

Michael Cortez says:

It’s really great to see that Geoff still participates in content even during his sabbatical. Good for you Geoff!

jadeyxboo says:

Yay goeff

Keith Cline says:

Has Bruce been listening to Good Job Brain?

Mintteacup says:

Everytime James said Yaw I got vietnam flashbacks to the degenerate yungins doing that “dance”…

Rob Eggert says:

I wish Geoff’s sabbatical was just a year at FH.

relix7373 says:

Ever since Geoff went awol at AH he’s been much happier it seems lol, he’s a lot funnier too.

vegeta7771 says:

they finally got someone whose worse at gta than bruce

WastedZymbol says:

This video is too short! I DEMAND MORE FUN AND GEOFF!

Colin says:

I like how this went from talking about Speed to Michael Jackson to Free Willy.

KRNG Chris says:

Thumbnail at 5:53 lol

Jemoet Jemoer says:

Nice to see Matt Damons retarded brother has a job

alfie sole says:

ive never heard anyone call them a “scratch off”

IBlameNargles says:

Elyse stole the show in this one with that MJ joke. Everyone should just quit now before she takes over Funhaus.

Skyman says:

man they keep letting this homeless man in

Fernando Batista says:

Reasons to live:
1) Geoff’s voice crack when he screams
2) that’s it

thetrollbasher says:

For those who didn’t know, the song that James and Bruce was referencing was ”
Michael Jackson – Will You Be There”, Free willy soundtrack.

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