RACE TO FIRST PLACE | Golf With Your Friends Gameplay Part 68

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Benjamin Shanks says:

Pat’s over here, having fun and everyone’s like RAH RAH FUCK YOU AND YOU

Koolhawk 13 says:

Wade, I don’t think you have nearly as many subscribers as you deserve. I absolutely love your videos and I’ve been subscribed for a while keep doing a great job!

Bored says:

So like when I play Xbox I watch out for the dude who has a lisp…. It’s a lisp right? Elmo fund has a lisp.. Not like, I got a retainer in my mouth lisp but. “Gewt over heur you whacky wabbit.

Brandon Bevill says:

One part away from perfection.

Also, 664th like and 68th comment. How underwhelming :/

Jonathan Schwartez says:

so much fucking in a friendly game

Siadian says:

New drinking game: drink every time they say something that’ll get them demonitized
Next day: goes to an AA meeting

Tristin Thatcher says:

Wade score

Christina Woodard says:

I wish you would play more Walking Dead games.

Raven _Theshadow says:

Patrickstatice just went from normal to fudging crountry ass cowboy

Jeff Shittles says:

Everything is an innuendo if you think long and had about it.
Btw, did anyone else notice that the butterflies going to the right are backwards?

trying to be funny and all says:

Do this again with Mark Bob and Jack, because there is a power bar…



Kyle Watkins says:

Wade: Get it…get it in me.

Me: That’s what she said.

Naley Gaming says:

Mark and that power bar. I just remember how much I was laughing about that. “OH THERE’S BARS?! THERE’S A MEASUREMENT FOR POWER?…”

zielonylisek says:

JP before: I’M INNOCENT!
JP now: Dick! Dick! Dick!~~

Vivica Ophelia says:

It’s a trap!
It’s a trap!
*It’s funnier the second time*

Tom531Cat says:

Remember when JP was innocent… *smh*

Jeff N says:

Did Wade ever announce why he and Gar gave up on their Dark Souls Remastered playthrough? I just remembered they never finished it.

Cool Bruh says:

Gar: “Are you suggesting that Im gonna call and fuck JP?”
Wade: “YES–”
*video cuts to outro*

Shinobin333 says:

“I just touched Gar somehow and it fucked me”

Antiseptic Eye says:


Gulo Gulo says:

Anyone else think that the Salty Bois should make maps to play on video?

George Mayo says:

Omg JP!! xD

SanaLovesMahado1 says:

JP, go to bed. Just go to bed.

DomNick says:

Ok, I want to point out something from Gar’s golf with drunks episode, Wade. One video was them playing an entire custom course as acorns. Meaning Bounce, Random shapes, and collision mode is fine on custom courses. JP is only ballsy because it’s not the challenges of random shapes, collision, bounce, shot challenges.’

Savannah Ligon says:

Hey Wade! Can you and the boys play this game called The Isle??? It’s like Ark but now you’re the dinosaurs

Ghost Writer says:

I mean, if you’re passing out fist sized blunts, sign me right up

Moonbeam says:

Wade has to get better at stroking his balls. It’ll be easier for him to get in the holes.



pkslider725 says:

“Hello, everybody, and welcome to ‘There’s a POWER BAR?!'” Ha. Inside jokes. XD

Dark Void says:

Can I get a count on all the innuendos JP has in this video

Ashton Stone says:

Race to not get a wade score

brenopalm says:

Wade, will you ever finish witch hunt??

Rayander 16304 says:

“Dollar in the woods”

How about at minimum a 100

kstormgeistgem says:

i’m having Such a hard time not saying something lewd about Wade’s lack of hole knowledge.
let’s just say i feel sorry for Molly and just leave it at that.

Nicholas Barton says:

I love how Jp always says something random. It doesn’t make sense, but it’s funny.

Carly Grass says:

Spot on Markiplier impression Wade. Nice call back, I still go back and watch that episode when I’m having a bad day. 🙂

PrincessSerena91 says:

Lol jp XD It wasn’t hard enough lol I am dying XD

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