Race On Gameplay – G25 – BMW 320i (PC HD)

Race On Gameplay – Logitech G25 – BMW 320i (PC HD)

Race On will be SimBin Studios’ 10th racing-stimulation video game. It is scheduled to be released internationally on October 22, 2009. The game is fairly similar to any SimBin product, with the addition of new tracks and cars that have never been released before.

wo brand new American tracks will be included in the game, as well as a considerably higher amount of races from America itself. Race On also comes with 7 Scandinavian tracks from STCC – The Game.

The cars are the first ever SimBin’s extensive introduction of American muscle cars, such as the Chevy Camaro Concept, Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger SuperBee, while still retaining the Seat Leon, BMW 3-series and the Formula 3000 cars.


Μακης Μακουλης says:

btw this is the 3rd xp right ?

TheKwod says:

No it isn’t, and sim racers should always use cockpit mode.
You need to practice and stop being such a wuss.

MakaveliTheDon says:

@airbusa380andsas trololololololol

zeusuper3 says:

look at the red bmw on 1:15… nice!!! 😛

DwhNeo says:

Shift 2 is a total shit game compared to this i would know, i have it.

Rafael Mestdag says:

it looks amazing but it could’ve been improved on the graphics, especially the arms and feet animations, they look exactly the same as in GTR2 which came out about 4 years ago

Grast says:

i cant say

nycbmw89 says:

you’re not driving my car ever the way you downshift

Timme442 says:

1st viewer =)

Lifers2409 says:

Gutes Gameplay Video.

Habor92 says:

you can do better
like this
without helps

jeremz pou says:

Second !
I tried this game. It’s good but no graphic evolution…

Antony Seddon says:

@1337CRUSH9R its what you get for puttin your usb in that usb port 😉

Aussie Rod says:

LFS is a much better simulator. This is a kid’ game… @ Playstation generation: do you know what the left pedal is for? Toe-hill means anything to you?

Mestre Assassino says:

americanos trlls

elrustito says:

Great job.

navanit kamble says:


Μακης Μακουλης says:

nfs was good untill unrerground 2 after that ea messed up realy bad thats my opinion… idont know about you guys

zeimen87 says:

thx 4 showing!!

kikiriki8889 says:

Its spelled Aides not Aids…

ASAP Lu says:

qka igra

ArronaX77 says:

I like it !

alexbvb1 says:

lol man you play with automatic gearbox =)) this is lame

Μακης Μακουλης says:

(RACE 07.GTR Evolution.Race On) these three together they are way better the toca 3 and grid

Μακης Μακουλης says:

i see the gfx are the same as the other RACE 07 / GTR Evolution but still the game kicks ass 😉

wfieldzz says:

Hey Bro, you’re good. I started to play this game yesterday. I thing in some points is better than Toca Racer 3. I like this curitiba circuit, I am good at that too. I am using a Logitech Force GT I just bought. Cheers.

Torrente Gamer says:

where do I download the full race on pc? I have the demo here, but only to play with the car and the other a y.muller remember the name. I wonder what site I download full race on.

L77kim77l says:

Very nice!

Patric Müller says:

lol aids

Grast says:

Now Shift 2 is better

BalticMotorSport says:


The Flying Gasmask says:

can i not get you serial key i have lost mine 🙁

Antony Seddon says:

no offence but i despise your racing line, just looks so wrong to me

Ciprian Ctin Costache says:

where can I download it?

I'm Jonny says:

wow nice dude 😀
im not a fagot that says HERP DERP 1st

ApexPred4tor says:

so whats the difference between this and GTR evolution

epic blaze says:

what do u record wit

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