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Does it still count as “catfishing” if it took me a full nine years with my partner to become a unbalanced slob with only a passing resemblance to my former self?

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Phil Scoles says:

James, a lot of major fast food chains were found to have horse meat in their burger meat, and not that long ago. They were buying ground beef from Asia and they were using it as filler. Burger King and McDonalds both had meat with horse in it.

TheBassWheel says:

The fucking thumbnail is so much funnier after the video

Ascended Ninja says:

I’ve gotten food poisoning from Jack in the Box 3 times until I learned my lesson. *conspiracy*. I’m sure I’ve eaten all types of meat when I ate fast food in the past. *conspiracy*

AboutLastKnight ! says:

We got Krystals in 904

VaNtEd more says:

Yes james from cow chop is back

813Productions says:

Not gonna lie, I was excited about the picture to digital copy lie James was saying. You got me again Willems!!! *angrily shakes fist in air*

Grocery Man says:

I’m sold on John.

Barny5ive says:

I once got food poisoning 3 Fridays in a row from White Castle… I have never gone there again despite the cravings. I have been sober since October 2007… From White Castle.

NiksonBrothers says:

I just had a date 2 months ago were the girl was like 3 times bigger than her photos led on too !!! It’s nuts how someone can make themselves look sooo freaking small yo!

TheTotalitarianTurtle says:

More of John please

jei heassler says:

A few months ago I saw Bruce in la at the Cheesecake Factory with his girlfriend, it was pretty cool. I ordered the chicken Parmesan and when I was done I waved at him and he waved back. It was magical, then I caught my flight back to Utah.

Alex Thomas says:

Can I request you four just do this weekly (same GTA map too, that makes for some mad fun)

A-med SB says:

If you go on a date with a wheelchaired girl , the restaurant will probably offer you a free meal.

RandyChimp says:

Oh my god, have they seriously had to soundproof the room to get people to leave them alone? Christ.

Lavon says:

Woah Adams a black guy now?!

Attifire says:

I don’t get all the Alanah hate.

Rizon1985 says:

Maybe wheelchair girl waited so long to say because she already experienced assholes. At 24 you’re supposed to be a decade behind such regressed thinking.

Christian Blake says:

James didn’t get the boost!!!!

Iffy350 says:

Krystals is better than Jack in the Box

Saul Gonzalez says:

I had no issue with Buttery Jacks but the Burger King equivalent destroyed my bowels my DAYS!

Haybud says:

James talking about the Krystal chain in Charlotte that closed down brings back a lot of memories. That Krystal building eventually became one of those Taco Bell/KFC double restaurants. No, I’m not that fat…

roob says:

bruce is literally charlie day

Im Not Renegade says:

They still have Krystals. I have one 30 mins away

Onyx Arcaders says:

Was lawrence drinking diet dr pepper? Im the only one i know that drinks it besides me thx to my type 1 diabetes

Senor pennyWorth says:

Everyone knows if a girl takes a pic of the neck up only and at an odd angle she’s fat

Marco Sorto says:

John looks like James (from cowchop) Puerto Rican cousin.

Jamal Dantata says:

Finally! A black guy.

Caleb in your Coffeemaker says:

5:33, there was a guy standing in the background that looked like a damn bee was in his face xD

Justin True says:

I actually got an ad for Krystal during this video…what are the odds

Zach Huneycutt says:

James: Krystal Burgers are def still open and they are nectar of the gods! I’m from Charlotte too and there used to be two in town. One was on South Blvd and the other right near the Airport on Billy Graham. They both closed in the early 2000’s I want to say before 2003. The closest one now is off 85 South near Gaffney, SC.

Brandon Lucas says:

Can we just make John a FH member? He’s fucking hilarious.

guyyouseewhenyoudie says:

You know a story’s good when Bruce does his seagull laugh

Yo Dawgz Gaming says:

Buttery Jack is who Lawrence wrestled

kingofkings1stfs says:

Lol funhaus has great taste in members. Even the B team is entertaining

Bigolpanda says:

“Not about to push you everywhere” -John Holland

I love it! 😀 (sry if I misspelled your name)

Text Missing says:

8:30 “who just hit me? What the fuck”

Tom Obourn says:

Bruce’s story started sad and took a steep tumble downhill

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