PUBG Death Race: INSANE BLOCKADES #2 (Battlegrounds Racing Gameplay Highlights & Funny Moments)

We shortened the course and increased the number of players at the blockades, many explosions. Next up is desert racing!
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Justiceimmortal says:

Where does the background music come from?

Doom says:

great content hahaha but this game is so poorly optimized its a shame

Tony, The Stark says:

Glitches are strong with this one!

Sebastian Aguillon says:

ITS 2018

Teeburt says:

You should totally tell me what program you used for your thumbnail!

Ahmadbadr856 says:

Please look thes video rainbow

iTz Reportz says:

This reminds me of that one mission from Modern Warfare 2

Cross Blood says:

If there was an audience Sound effect in the background you could never tell that he was at home doing the cometary

Royal Frog says:

4:39 2018 now

XxFearExemptxX says:

Mario kart in a nutshell

slap my hand says:


Unbox Flix says:

Well that was cool & diffrent

Marc Lehmann says:

😀 😀 😀 😀 hilarious

Douglas McDaniel says:

STONEMOUNTAIN64, you should make a all vehicles montage with tha song that goes “in my car I feel safe in my car, in cars” .

seahawk124 says:

numonejew may have won the race, but BigMatttyBH won our hearts.

Ryan Grzesiek says:

stonemountain can i join u game .. i want play death race in pubg 🙁

Trey Williams says:

You should be a commentator. Great play calling bro!!!

Kostra Lebečná says:

Go on the road
*Passes roadblock through grass*

Tikka Massala says:

how do u join these?

Ryan Fitzgerald says:

I just found my new favorite thing on pubg

Clark Wilson says:

Please do more of these. Too funny

Hobby4TheWin says:

Come on Race#3 highlights i want to See myself getting lauched into air by motorcycle XD

Filthschwein S says:

stone, u keep up this content son!!

Cade Mitchell says:


Dailen says:

this was actually really cool. 🙂 would love to see more death races, perhaps on the new maps? 🙂

nigel alpheratz says:

so fun

Yiorgio Mathioudakis says:


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