PUBG: DEATH RACE (Battlegrounds Racing Gameplay Highlights & Funny Moments)

Battlegrounds (PUBG) death racing, the most intense and funny moments on our custom track for the first ever races. Join the Discord server: to take part of open lobbies! Shoutout to Node the first guys who I saw do something like this and helped inspire this livestream:
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Сергей BrandBond says:

Скриншот заставки хотел увидеть на видео и где он?

rickybobby144 says:

His “casting” was cringey but the race was cool

Kyle Branson says:


Talhern says:

would love to play that version.

Vincent P. says:

Yo that was awesome but u should do some more zombies and moe them down with an m249

Juan Felipe Medina says:

When u need views so u copy Node

Gqry says:

Yo please believe me but i was actually there as the name doobiebob and the last game (3 games of these) me and a teammate got first so this is really cool for me to technically be in a stone mountain video.

running wind says:

beautifully made

Mast3r Razz says:

coolest part of the video looked scripted lmao

Megatron998 says:


Paintball Mike says:

Nice job u copied node

Adrian Candia says:

It looks like a very funny play mode, i like this.
I’m a subscriber.

Rowan Kaplan says:

Why did he boost the whole way?

Gtx 1080 says:

Copied so hard from node

NeonDragon 64 says:

10:20 ALLAHUAKBAAAAAR!!!!!!!!!!

Solidus 316 says:


Jacsues Fort says:

Is awesome

DNFL - says:

Your death sounds, do you do a lot of role playing

Arctic Bear says:

Awesome video Stone! When are you doing another Serious Player video?

JaayOnPC says:

Hilarious but great idea, I can’t wait to hear what Player Unknown thinks of this 😀

DiRaPay says:

чуваки подписывайтесь на мой канал вы ведь красавчики!

Battlefield 1 Clips says:

Battlefeild 1 plane snipe

Xeiro Flora says:

This would be a amazing additional game mode.

A88mph says:

This should be an actual game mode someday.

BrendanCO7 says:

WOW do more stone!!!!!!

Jc08 says:

This and the zombies is pretty cool stuff

ReifeLongPRANKS says:

if anyone wants to join a team with me on pubg my steam is reife99. my friends would rather play sims 🙂

YourDownUnderSalad says:

nodes gonna be pissed

Ben Chapman says:

I was thinking this would be amazing with shotguns and pistols

TheHighGround says:

Come join the PUBG Blitz Crew! Squad and duo tournamnets, room for role expansion and so much more! Squad up with players to form a pro squad! Come join for some awesome fun!

MasterN says:

Can’t wait til this game is open to modders, so many possibilities!!!

Evolution Music says:

The Mario kart start tho lol

Kealo says:

That was amazing!

Janssen Manzano says:

Where do you play this game?

Samuel Humphreys says:

I’m glad you put a shoutout to Node, Maybe you could join them when they do one that’d be pretty sick.

sotopulache says:


Owen Bunny says:

03:35 he says oh jeez like he was morty

Garrett Percell says:

That last part at the bridge had me screaming “WITNESS ME”!!!!

Paul Herling says:

“Watch Thick44
playing Battlefield
with the railgun.
The railgun.

Carlo Fontejon says:

This could be a great movie

JustinoElArtista says:

This. This is how to get creative and have a blast. Much love for this video.

bak j says:

wow this is cool

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