Nintendo Labo | RC Car RACE! “Gameplay” (Part 2) – PB&Jeff

PeanutButterGamer and SpaceHamster unbox and assemble the Nintendo Labo – RC Cars! – Part 2: “Gameplay” – Soccer and Race Track!
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Edited by Peebs~

Into art by Dan Jones! →

Music by Zurachi! →

PB&Jeff Cartoon assets by Miski! →


DaBayleef says:

Please do more of these! I really like seeing all this labo nonsense, I know what to get for my birthday 😀

Rebekah Merced says:

>w< Plz more Labo!

Liezl Bohnen says:


Jake Gee says:

More labo pls pub joff halp

MyBackHurts 123 says:

Rocket league and Nintendo bring you exclusive content: Rocket League: Cardboard edition!

EldritchDan says:

SOme people watch the grand prix, I watch the labo league

1wolffan says:

I was way more invested in that soccer shootout than I thought I’d be. lol
I hope more people do Labo stuff throughout the internet. It’s fun to watch.

Sarah Dubois says:

This gave me so much childlike joy.

Jessica Higgs says:

You should show us the gameplay of the other Labo pieces.

GD D4rkMoon says:

Leaked footage of Mario Kart 9 Vs Race and Battle mode

Caligosto Loboto says:

Do the house next!

JR Mcguire says:

Why the fuck is this entertaining?!Makes me want to buy the nintendo labo

Eddie Sheffler says:

<3 This was amazing

Ryder Brown says:

Do the house one next plez

I have Highfives4Sale says:

These two videos alone convinced me i want a labo

Sano The Desert Wanderer says:

Why do I imagine people using these to pass very light snacks around?

XSparklingIceX says:

Why was this so fun to watch? XD

Yvonne Johnson says:

This was so much fun to watch! Please do more weird labo stuff, I need to see what other zany things you guys come up with.

the memes says:

Man I love how pbg’s car has the Splatoon 2 eyes and btw I love this video

Francis says:

This actually looks like lots of fun. And I can see how people could really get creative with these

Stevie Awesome says:

Hey Peeb and Joof: How fun was this video conpared to other ones? You guys seemed like you were so happy throughout the whole thing and it really made my day to see it 😛


Golden Cat says:


Big octo says:

Peebs is just Tokyo Drifting around the track

Nemesis says:

The race war starts now.

ByrdOfPray says:

This was great. However I was totally distracted by trying to get glimpses of the living room and kitchen. Beautiful house, awesome style, perfect representation of you and your wife’s personalities.

YourFriendLlama Romero says:


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