Need for Speed Payback – Off Road Race Gameplay

Check out this adrenaline fueled gameplay from Need for Speed Payback.

Need for Speed Payback Gameplay: Racing to the Finish in the New BMW M5

Need for Speed Payback Gameplay: Stealing a Supercar Mission

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Kleyton200 says:


Lone Eagle says:

I was expecting for an evo and subie but no. and what’s even worse is they added a GTR in OFFROAD! Come on Ghost… you know can do better than this.. -,-

Cristiano Ronaldo says:

Lmao the voice acting of driver is soooo 2002 lmaooo

Riju Mal says:

Actually it’s Asphalt 8

Cofi Plays says:

R32 confirmed

Liban Abdi says:

Why does every nfs game have a setting in america? I would love to see the roads of italy, norway and the mountain roads, japan etc

Tajai Davis says:

O need for speed yall need help

Robo says:

I hope you can turn off this annoying driver commentary, I’m so much used to being a “voiceless driver” in NfS games that I find this feature annoying. Besides that I don’t have any problems with this game as of yet.

ray wagner says:

Is this pvp game play

adnane ez-zarrad says:

you better put some metal music in this game….

Memento Mori says:

Looks like motorstorm lol

Hunk says:

Most wanted was the best NFS

Eddie Yap says:


Radhika Rai says:



were to download this game

Boy & King says:

Took them long enough to figure out dynamic / realistic road sounds

Andy Sny says:

no comment…………………..

redmanra1n says:

so its the Mac and 7 bitches…i see what you did there!

Kostya Naddubov says:

Looks like TrackMania. 🙁

Robert Fodor says:

I’m already bored of the game by watching these videos .

jerrodkilla23 says:

This looks like a lot of fun. The voice is annoying tho.

Nick1102 says:

Graphics nice but Gameplay does look like Asphalt 8

Draidis says:

Hey EA, fire the dude you did the voice acting, then get someone new and do literally every line over from scratch. That god awful voice over is enough alone to make me not want to buy this game.

Chris Duggins says:

Will be very popular with 10 year olds. After that age, not to much. NFS hasn’t been the same since Shift 1 & 2. Such a great shame.

wolfenstine PRO says:

Why is he talking?????

Ali D. Al-Deen says:

No offense but I think NFS is still below Forza Horizon series by far

Unidentified Flying Object says:

Dreadful voice acting. Extremely horrifying.

Flunkiii says:

I hope there will be music.

Vhan Chua says:

It looks like a pc or console version of asphalt airborne. Lol. Still, I like it. 😀

andriushaa says:

Need For Speed 2016 with daylight mod 😀

Gabriel Adryan says:

Cool, a new Forza.

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